Zapping Autonews The 10 essential models of the year 2021

Produced in only 15 copies, the McLaren Saber cannot be considered a production car. But it still falls into the road car category and as such is now the fastest two-seater McLaren ever created.

Its twin-turbo V8 engine is capable of developing some 835 horsepower to reach an estimated top speed of just over 350 km / h, a trifle.

As for its owners, what is a bit special with the Saber is that the 15 models produced will be reserved for investors. 15 world riches who have raised money for this project will have a monopoly on this model. Very elitist and self-contained reasoning, but what do you expect, we don’t set the rules.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much this purchase cost them, but it’s easy to imagine the size of the check.

As for its design, the manufacturer was inspired by the concept car McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo present in the eponymous video game, original.