Despite Vettel rumor, Stroll will be fine at Aston Martin in 2021 –

The information may seem fairly obvious given the links between Lance Stroll and the consortium leader who is at the head of the team Racing point, which will become Aston Martin, Lawrence Stroll next year, but so far has not been revealed. The only known fact was that Sergio Pérez had extended its engagement with the Silverstone structure until 2022.

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However, when questioned by Radio-Canada Sports about the transfer market which was suddenly agitated, and in the context where Sebastian Vettel could have been mentioned on the side of Aston Martin, Otmar Szafnauer explained that he counted on Stroll for 2021. "It's crazy. The crazy transfer season for 2021 has already started, and we didn't race a single race in 2020. I'm a little surprised [that Vettel and Ferrari] couldn't get along. Sebastian is a great driver, and he's a friend. I've known him for a long time. He accomplished so much in F1, he even won very young when he was with Toro Rosso, which is incredible. He deserves to stay in F1. "

"It is true, there are indeed drivers who win Grand Prix on the market, even World Champions, it is an interesting idea, but we prefer to get the best of the drivers we have. And if we give them the best, they too can win races and possibly become World Champions. Our two drivers get along well. And they are contractually bound for 2020 and 2021. "

For Stroll, it will however be necessary to work in an area where he is not really at ease, namely that of rhythm on a lap. "If Lance is better placed on the grid, he will fight more often in the top 10. And in the top 10, he has shown that he can make good races. He is doing very well at the start. you go so far off the grid, it's easier to get stuck and have problems. I don't think Lance will experience those problems this season or next. "

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Szafnauer has great confidence in the package represented by the Racing Point RP20, largely inspired by the Mercedes W10 of 2019, which visibly satisfied the team during the pre-season tests in Barcelona. "If you are fast in Barcelona, ​​you will be fast pretty much everywhere. When you give Lance a good car, he can raise his driving skills and be even better. It looks like we built a good car this winter, and I think he’ll have an easier time showing off in qualifying this season. "

A good car which will be more or less maintained for the 2021 season thanks to the postponement in 2022 of the Technical Regulations which was initially to be introduced next year, against a background of crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. "There will be some modifications for the 2021 car, but the basics won't change. So it should be fine."

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