Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti is being forced to recall its Q50 sedan, as well as its Q60 coupe variant, all due to an issue with engine management software.

Concretely, the problems relate to the engine control module (MCM) which can contain a programming error on certain vehicles. After rapid acceleration, the MCM may reduce the fuel supply too sharply, causing the engine to run out of power or simply stall.

A total of 12,943 models are affected by the problem. In Canada, 913 units are being recalled.

Infiniti will also begin its campaign on May 25. The owners will be informed and invited to bring their car to the workshop so that the specialists can reprogram the software. The correction will be made free of charge., 100% online, shop for your car, buy online and we deliver to you in Quebec!

Defective engine control module Infiniti recalls 2021 Q50 and Q60 - Defective engine control module: Infiniti recalls 2021 Q50 and Q60 In Canada, 913 models are affected by this campaign, which begins May 25 -