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Suicidal Psychology of the GCES

1er September 2020 – In the paroxysmal series of crises that the year 2020 is experiencing, on a crisis ground already very strongly affirmed and dynamic, it has always appeared obvious to us that the psychological factor, at the individual and collective levels, weighed a considerable weight and that he was extremely affected if not devastated. This finding is general, but particularly marked for the USA, which is the country most deeply affected by this unprecedented crisical whirlwind.

This is detailed by the excellent, experienced and methodical commentator Glenn Greenwald, based in particular on a statistical study by the central US health agency (CDC), extremely current since it relates to a brutal psychological aspect during the month. June: suicidal intent. We borrow here the statistical part of this text, with its immediate comments, to fix the problem in its most scientifically concrete aspects and bearing in mind that in the case of psychology, the “scientifically concrete” aspect is really the toddler “tip of the iceberg”.

" The year 2020 is already one of the most tumultuous in the modern history of the United States of America. To find events that are both so destabilizing and so destructuring, we have to go back to the financial crisis of 2008 and to the year 2001, with the attacks of September 11 followed by the anthrax crisis; but these systemic shocks, however profound, have been isolated (one being a financial crisis, the other a national security crisis) and therefore of a more limited scope than the multi-crisis instability that is currently shaping American politics and culture.
" Since the end of the Second World War, the only period equivalent to this year 2020 is the multifaceted unrest of the years 1960-1975: serial assassinations of political leaders, massive protests in favor of civil rights, sustained and very serious riots in large cities, fury against an odious war in Indochina and the resignation of a president plagued by corruption.
" But these events unfolded and built upon each other over the course of a decade. In contrast, the current developing crises, each of historical significance in themselves – a global pandemic, double-handed economic and social containment, mass unemployment, a lasting protest movement causing increasing levels of violence and volatility, and a presidential election centered on one of the most divisive political figures the United States has known – are happening simultaneously, having erupted side by side in a matter of months.
" Under the headlines rightly devoted to these great events of 2020, hide very disturbing data which reflects the intensification of pathologies in the American population; – not moral or allegorical affections, but scientifically proven emotional and psychological pathologies. Many people who survived this pandemic by maintaining their physical health know from personal experience – by observing others and by observing themselves – that these political and social crises have created emotional hardships and psychological calvaries.
" But more than that, the statistics themselves are astounding, both in the depth of the social and mental health crises they show and in their pervasiveness. Perhaps the most illustrative and revealing study is the one released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) earlier this month (August), based on a large survey of the mental health of Americans in late June.
" One of the questions asked by the researchers was whether the respondent had "seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days", that is, not having considered it a momentary fantasy and of little importance, nor having this tendency usually, but having seriously considered suicide at least once in the past 30 days. The results are astounding.
" For Americans aged 18 to 24, 25.5% – just over one in four young people – said they had considered it. For the much larger group of Americans aged 25 to 44, the percentage was a little lower but still extremely alarming: 16%. A total of 18.6% of Hispanics and 15% of African Americans said they seriously considered suicide in the past month. The two groups with the highest percentage of positive responses are Americans with less than a high school education and unpaid caregivers, of whom 30% – almost one in three – responded yes. . In general, 10% of the American population seriously considered suicide in the month of June.
" In a balanced and healthy society, which meets the basic emotional needs of its people, suicide and serious suicidal ideation are rare occurrences. This is anathema to the most basic human instinct: the will to live. A society in which so much of the population seriously considers this option is anything but healthy; it is a society which clearly fails to provide its citizens with the basic elements necessary for a satisfactory life.
" The CDC's alarming data goes far beyond serious suicidal desires. It was also found that “40.9% of those surveyed reported having at least one mental or behavioral health problem, – including symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders (30.9%), symptoms of an anxiety disorder or depression. related to trauma or a stressor (TSRD) related to the pandemic (26.3%), – and have started or increased their use of substances to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID-19 (13.3%) ”.
" For the youngest part of the adult population, 18-24 year olds, well over half (62.9%) reported suffering from depressive or anxiety disorders. "

It is without real surprise, according to the text of Greenwald, that we learn, or we see confirmed the intuitive observation and at the same time of common sense according to which this situation is obviously neither a surprise nor a brutal accident but indeed an exponential acceleration, corresponding to the dazzling acceleration of the crisic-2020 whirlwind, of an extremely powerful pathological trend in psychology since 2001. (All of this is developing in an environment of mercantile globalization and antagonistic to all sovereignties , extremely anxiety-provoking if not hopeless, where the inequalities are colossal, where individualism completely isolates the individual from any help or solidarity, etc.)

" In 2019, the American Psychological Association published a study documenting a 30% increase in “the suicide death rate in the United States between 2000 and 2016, from 10.4 to 13.5 per 100,000 people” and an increase 50% of “suicides among girls and women between 2000 and 2016”. He noted: "Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States in 2016. It was the second leading cause of death among those aged 10 to 34 and the fourth among those aged 35 to 54". "

The USA is indeed the national community most affected psychologically by what is customarily referred to as “the crisis” (GCES today), and already in a state of geometric acceleration in this regard since 2015-2016 and entry on the track, the almost psychological upheaval in addition to being political of the Trump element.

In this regard, our conviction is that Trump is thus, more than ever, a kind of 'Unidentified Critical Object' – and always less and less identified, this constantly worsening the psychological situation, as if the pathology caused by Trump was hitting a wall preventing even treatment. Hence, in our opinion, the absurdity, but also the absurdity in desperation if not understanding, to make him a dictator preparing his coup, even a "Hitler piercing under the Trump tower”. When then will we admit that the narcissism of appearance, the confused illegality, the absence of strategy and a vision reduced to the shortest term, the psychological disorder of man and the absence of paramilitary organization for support it have absolutely nothing to do with the pathological obsession, with esoteric pretension, mythologized in an extremist ideology of elimination and extremely detailed, arranged in a militarized and symbolic order, of a Hitler? Unlike Trump, Hitler was a 'Completely Identified Critical Object' long before it revealed itself in all its meaning and pathology.

In the same vein, we will observe that the Trumpist pathology corresponds perfectly to the USA itself, and to the impossibility of making this entity, as we often wave the specter of it, a dictatorship, police force or other, in the sense European term. The USA is a simulacrum organization born out of communication, that is to say that involves the citizen's active participation, his "collaboration" in a sense, in the proposed fantasy. It is about Americanism in its formAmerican Dream, which affects psychology much more than the intellect, that is to say perception, reflexes, etc., structuring a common simulacrum thanks to these collective characters that we designate as “guilt” (absence of perception of the possibility of one's own guilt) and “indefectibility” (absence of the perception of the possibility of one's own inferiority and / or defeat).

… We have written extensively on these two traits of the psychology of Americanism that we believe affect citizens (to varying degrees) as much as leaders (to varying degrees). We bring together here some excerpts from a text written in 2011 (May 7, 2011) to better convey what we ourselves hear about guilt and indefectibility, and the role that these traits and psychology play. in the fate of the USA:

" These two essential psychological characteristics form the bedrock of the general Americanist sentiment which causes this spirit to mistake America's subjective view of the world for the objective view of the world in itself, by the rest of the world as well as by America. It follows that nothing America does in the rest of the world can be objectively bad for the rest of the world. (…)
" This sort of reasoning is so prevalent, so deeply accepted in the minds of the servants of the System, that it must stop us as one of the essential marks of the infection of human psychology by the System. That the Americans are the main victims, and the victims so completely perfect in this regard, cannot surprise anyone who knows the history of this country built from a deeply destructuring approach (the destruction of state sovereignty for the benefit of 'a “center” built on power (“Power ideal”) and not on the legitimacy that gives the dubbing of historical continuity, and devoid of a regal dimension); this country formed at the time when the conditions for the “unleashing of matter” and the beginning of “counter-civilization” were formed, at the end of the 18th century; this country itself offering one of the three “revolutions” (with the French Revolution and the revolution in the choice of thermodynamics for energy production), which allows this breaking of the “unleashing of matter” and the beginning of “ counter-civilization ”.
" Consequently, it seems very probable to us that these monstrous characteristics of Americanist psychology (guilt and indefectibility) are in reality characters directly resulting from the System, and imposed on the sapiens by the System. They were instilled in Americanist psychology with all the more success that this psychology had no serious defense, especially against the "banter" which allowed psychology to open up to its invasion from outside. Our growing appreciation is that these psychological traits are not the degeneration or malignant evolution of normal traits, but specific psychological traits formed from the System, which cannot be changed. Neither experience nor, of course, reality has any kind of effect on them; they remain and will remain what they are, misleading more and more those affected by them, the Americanist leaders, as US power crumbles and in turn returns, into a sort of vicious cycle , these same traits all the more unbearable and producers of catastrophic errors. They are the guarantee that the Americanist erasure and collapse can in no case take place in a certain order, a certain order, but that they will, on the contrary, be a major and catastrophic upheaval, and perhaps decisive for the whole System. "

Suicide, or the Cosmic Purge

It is of course on the last sentences of the excerpt quoted above that we want to focus (" leading to more and more error "," these same traits all the more unbearable and producers of catastrophic errors "," Americanist erasure and collapse (…) on the contrary, will be a major and catastrophic upheaval, and perhaps decisive for the whole System "). Psychological development in the United States, as Greenwald reports, is in a sense accompanying and rhythmic, if not accelerating, the catastrophic collapse of Americanism as we described it yesterday and perceive it today. It seems obvious to us that this catastrophic evolution of psychology plays an essential role in the cause of the current events in the USA.

This evidence seems striking to us since at least 2015-2016, as specified above, with an exponential rise in hysteria during these two years, as Trump's presence, the persistence of his presence, his rise in hierarchy of Republican candidates for appointment until they are effectively appointed, then finally, the height of nightmare or incomprehensible simulacrum, until their election. Of course, this is to say that the hysteria is mostly visible and manifested on the side, let's say Democratic and progressive-societal, since it has everything to do with Trump being the object of indeed hysterical detestation. However, this is not to say that this progressive-societal side is the only one affected by this hysterization, and the only "culprit", let's say; it is simply to observe that the central but apparent cause of this hysterization is Trump, and Trump progressing as he did in the years 2015-2016.

… But on this, as we have often explained to ourselves, we do not in any way burden Trump with such abilities – even evil ones – that he carries within himself the power to unleash such anger. If it is a "central cause" in these events, its centrality is only "apparent" because it remains a tool much more than a diabolus ex machina himself. The mystery remains as to why this character triggers around him, in relation to him, etc., such tensions and such passions which are capable of leading the USA to their collapse; This is to say if one is led to believe that much of the responsibility for the malaise lies with the excess of reactions triggered by Trump.

Be that as it may, what we actually want to mean is found in this recognition of the absolutely essential role of psychology. It is she who expresses the hysterization that we are talking about, which takes on the aspects we see it take on because of the characteristics of the psychology of Americanism. It is obvious to us that if psychology did not have the place and the colossal dynamics allocated to it by the extraordinary means of the communication system, with immediate effects – not only “in real time” but “in immediate time”, – events would have taken a radically different turn. It is quite possible that Trump would not have produced the effects he produced, that he might not be where he is, that public life in the United States would be much calmer, than the System. would continue to purr amiably while continuing to lead the way without having to devise very complex tactics, handle very dangerous situations by their unpredictability and so on.

Equally obvious, too, seems to us the need to establish a link between this political evolution, of the internal situation of the United States in the midst of a deconstructive and ontological crisis, and the frightening pathological situations of psychology that Greenwald reports. The emergence of crowds of BLM types and Antifas, the constancy of disturbances, violence, looting, various behaviors all marked by unreasonable anger and fictional and paranoid constructions, the disintegration of authority at all levels and in all directions, all this refers to this psychological state characterized by extremely serious pathologies, up to this frightening suicidal urge.

There is an obvious link between the individual psychological states and the collective currents which shake this great undermined body, plagued by decadence and the real need for collapse that inhabits its sick brain. Lincoln's deep, tormented voice keeps repeating: " If destruction were to ever reach us, we ourselves should be the first and the ultimate craftsmen. As a nation of free men, we must survive eternally, or die by committing suicide . "

Even the army, that power that has the overwhelming burden of asserting theimperium until the end of the night, until the end of the collapse, even the army would not be spared by this madness, according to the interpretation of some experts. Referring to the strange assertion by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, that the military would not take on the 'dirty work' of getting Trump out manu militari if one of the possibilities of 'way out' (!) of the presidential elections required it, the cautious (but well informed) ‘WalrusWrote yesterday in Sic Semper Tyrannis :

" In warning mode, I would say that I fail to see how America could maintain its current economic and military dominance over time if the tensions that are now manifesting are not resolved. I suspect that General Milley's memo may have expressed the recognition that such tensions already exist in some services and units of the armed forces and that if not controlled or contained they will seriously affect the effectiveness of these forces. »And‘Walrus"Ends this paragraph by noting" There is no existential threat to unite us in common defense at this time… ", simply omitting to specify, – but that goes without saying if one takes into account the 'suicidal' state of psychology, – the evidence contained in Lincoln's sentence, which must be repeated in this light:

" If destruction were to ever reach us, we ourselves should be the first and the ultimate craftsmen … (…) to die by committing suicide "

Of course, one would be tempted to say, all this applies to the USA, much less if not at all for the rest of the world. There is some truth in such a remark, at the level of psychology. But America is our locomotive, our dream of modernity (American Dream) and the object of our fascination as the sheep that follow and go to their suicidal fall. Our civilization has become his ’civilization. Its collapse is that of the System and its counter-civilization, and therefore ours. It is understood, moreover, that we cannot do without such a climax, this cosmic purge, if we want to get out of the suffocating, deadly and entropic straitjacket of the Great Crisis-GCES which holds us in its clutches.

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