Death Stranding Guide: Tips, start well

Death Stranding is a big piece and a good part of the fun of the game lies in the discovery of all its gameplay mechanics and huge cards. Based on this observation, the first advice that we could give you is to do without any help in order to make the most of the first title of Kojima Poductions. That said, our job is still to give you a hand, so if you feel that the title poses some problems in its early hours, here are some tips that will help you better understand the epic of Sam Porter.

Find the right balance

All the gameplay of Death Stranding is based on the delivery of goods from point A to point B, only many elements will shake up deliveries: the terrain topography, the number of cargoes you carry and so on. To be sure of a good trip, look at the maximum weight available for Sam and be sure to stay below 15% of this limit, just to be able to advance normally without tiring you too much. Before you go, always press the optimization key of the cargo so that everything is well distributed, but be careful, it will not load anything in your cart or in vehicles.

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Understand the goods menu

At any time, once you are on the map, stay on the key indicated on the icon of Sam to enter the merchandise menu. There is one essential thing to understand about this menu: it includes all goods, even those that are on land on a radius of about 5 meters.

Imagine a little: you are in the middle of the pampas, a downpour is coming and you have around you 10 boxes to equip and a vehicle that can be loaded too. Entering the merchandise menu will allow you to spread all this without time running, so get in the habit of rummaging through this menu, it is intimidating at the beginning of the game, but you will see, in the end, that is very well done!

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objects with a blue link are your "quest items"

Magic scanner, I choose you!

The R1 key is probably the one that you will ask the most during your deliveries, since it launches a field scanner that will tell you almost everything you need to know about the next 100 meters of your progress: objects, structures, state of the field … This is simply your best ally during the game.

For example, before crossing a stream, bim, a little scan to check its depth: if it indicates red crosses, you will necessarily be swept away by the current. In the same vein, plots shown in yellow are more likely to drag you, so if possible, stay in the valid terrain as much as possible if you plan to optimize your trips. Avoid abusing it if you know that a camp of MULe is in the corner, it will directly attract these leeches on you.

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Cargo night

a cargo element is generally composed as follows: it first has a container, which will be the first thing that will eat the damage in case of fall or rain, unless significant shocks. If the box no longer has health, then it is the content that moans and there is a little poop, cat, disaster, but yes ladies. If during delivery, you take a big shock, the contents can take directly damage, which will be indicated by a blinking transport bands: if they are colored in red, it clearly means that your merchandise has been deteriorated more than reasonable and your evaluation will suffer as a result.

Fortunately, a regenerating spray should be available very quickly in your list of objects to craft, needless to say that it will be necessary to provide 2 or 3 continuously to effectively counter the rain showers. In any case, we will have the opportunity to come back to everything you need to have with you, regardless of the type of delivery in another guide.

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here we can see that the scale on the right is in a dirty state

The hunt for likes, experience points

Death Stranding does offer a progression system based on the likes you will receive during your deliveries and as you interact with the world. There are many ways to earn Likes and we will have the opportunity to return to them in a comprehensive guide that will be dedicated to them.

In the meantime, keep in mind that these are not just there to look good: not only will your delivery rank increase at the same time as your level in each category, but in addition, Sam's abilities will improve every 10 levels, depending on what you've been able to up : maximum weight, stability, impact strength … Please note that the statistics of likes received depends on the type of delivery you have made.

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Porter's itinerary

Establishing a route will not necessarily be very useful during your first important missions: it is about small trips, often feasible in one go and the obstacles that you will meet will not pose any problem. Better, take advantage of these first trips to familiarize yourself with Sam's physics and the construction of early minor structures such as ladders or anchors to rappel down steep cliffs.

However, as soon as you begin to interact with multiple delivery points, establishing an optimized route will be the best way for you to stay on the same guideline. Please note that only straight lines can be drawn (A1 to A1, then to A3 for example). The big advantage of this system is that it will draw a holographic line directly into the game world. We often tend to deviate from it, so do not hesitate to take the good habits with this functionality of Porter's handcuffs.

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Helping others is helping oneself

First of all, remember that the online game is very important in Death Stranding, it will really help you to better enjoy the trip, for many reasons: it already fits perfectly with the theme of the game, then, putting structures in the right places will help make you a better delivery person. Thus, when you decide to ask, for example, a sharing box that everyone can use, study the place where you will place it in advance, this will help to make it popular with the holders of other worlds.

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Fatigue and BB

These are two very important elements to manage. First, if your BB is chouine and its gauge is empty, it will be out of order and you will not be able to detect stranded during the showers. To raise this bar, three solutions are available to you: switch to FPS view, then take the BB capsule and shake the handle slightly (it is possible to replace the motion detection with keys in the options) so that it goes up gradually. This is not going to delight BB, but it can save you the shot in case of perilous situation. Secondly, rest in a shelter, the simplest and quickest way to rest the pet in a jar. Finally, the hot springs that you can find during your exploration are excellent places of rest for you and the Bridge Baby.

Fatigue is indeed not neglected during your deliveries and go through steep paths greatly increases the risk of stumbling and thus force you to recover, which will further fatigue this good old Porter. We do not even talk about sprints to escape MULEs or potential clashes with them. All of these actions will gradually diminish Sam's overall endurance until he can hardly move and take breaks very regularly. Do not let this happen, even if you turn back to less hostile lands.

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Chapters 1 and 2: An introduction

In order to improve relationships and gain more information about the world of Death Stranding, it can be tempting to do everything from your first visit. We will not spoil more, but it is a "waste of time", since you can be much more effective in chapter 3 of the adventure. The equipment you will earn during this chapter will greatly facilitate your task and you will be able to return to the first zones to complete the first 100% outposts in two easy steps.

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