In 2021, Daniel Ricciardo will discover his fifth team since his debut in Formula 1 after HRT, Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Renault.

The Australian joins the ranks of the McLaren team where he will form a duo with Lando Norris. The two drivers are often known for their good humor and their tendency to make jokes in the paddock.

However, Daniel Ricciardo did not come to the British team for fun: “ I am here to work and to improve the car. It will not be a comedy entertainment show. “ he said to our colleagues from Sky Sports.

“So my personality won’t change, I think I like doing what I do, but I’m definitely not coming to McLaren to be that meme duo. [ndlr : image ou animation comique reprise en boucle sur les réseaux sociaux] potentially or whatever is described as such lately. “

The Australian can obviously be very serious when it comes to his work but also more delicate subjects such as the fight against racism, of which Formula 1 was one of the flagship in 2020: ” I hope we will continue [à promouvoir la lutte contre le racisme]. “

“I do it with conviction. I think if we believe it deeply […] then there’s no reason we should stop. “

“2020 has been a pretty heavy year for a lot of reasons, but it’s been a year where I learned more about how the world works, so to speak. “

“I am really convinced of what I have learned and I want to continue to learn and hopefully educate myself and educate others around me. “

“If that means why we have to continue to take a position as we have [en 2020], then I will continue. ” Ricciardo concludes.