For this last column, chef Cyril Lignac takes us to Corsica to discover Corsican grapefruit. It is one of the fruits of the eastern plain, it’s the Corsican grapefruit. It has this very red, sweet and delicate flesh. So the grapefruit, it always happens to be bitterness. But grapefruit in Corsica is for me, one of the best citrus that we make in France, because it is more sweet. He has one delicate bitterness and really sweet, there is no need to sweeten it.

We can use it as much in our kitchens, in our salads than in dessert. I like to use it with a little goat cheese. I take a salad, we can put plenty of today’s vegetables: beans, peas, zucchini, … We can use all Corsican products, olive oil and we put the goat cheese. Either we put it a little bit in the oven, like that, it cooks a little slowly. We add a little honey, olive oil and old wine vinegar. We mix, we make a little vinaigrette.

I take my salad that I put in the middle. I take small croutons, fruit. I cut the grapefruit, I add small vegetables. I even take the peels of this superb grapefruit that I gently entrust. Which means I put them in boiling water, then I put water, sugar, a little juice from my grapefruit. I can mix it, it makes me a compote. I put it a little bit on the goat cheese. And there it’s delicious with pomelo.

If we want to make a fruit salad, then we use all the seasonal fruits : strawberries, grapefruits, but I like raspberries. And we make with that, a small salad, the fresh almonds and a small sorbet, it’s delicious.

We are in the middle of the summer fruit season, a little goat cheese, a toast of toast rubbed with garlic, and then it’s good.

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