Cyril Lignac shares his secret for a successful chocolate mousse –

Foam at
chocolate is quite an art.
In the traditional recipe, we find the
white chocolate, egg yolks then light egg whites, with sugar
or without. But the pastry chefs have reworked this basic recipe for
make it even more greedy.

bring more gluttony, remove the white and add cream. This is
lighter in the mouth but we still have a little more fat ",
explains Cyril Lignac, who offers you to test three of his recipes
favorite for chocolate mousse that awakens the taste buds.

His recipe
of chocolate mousse made from melted chocolate is "very simple".
"We melt the chocolate. We make a whipped cream. We let the
chocolate in temperature so as not to melt the cream and it lightens. "

Cyril Lignac
also has a custard recipe
, it's even his favorite. "We
makes a little custard. We add melted chocolate, it makes us
custard and chocolate. And that, we lighten it up with a whipped cream that
I call whipped cream but that I do not sugar. It's my favorite because she
is smooth, silky, delicate, super easy to do! It's foam at
competition chocolate. "

For the
more greedy among you, there is also the stracciatella recipe with
chocolate chips
. "I make her white chocolate and chocolate chips. Or
in all my chocolate mousse, I add chocolate chips. "

Cyril Lignac's three chocolate mousse recipes below>

Chocolate mousse made from melted chocolate and whipped cream

140g of dark chocolate, 40g of milk chocolate, 10g of milk, 290g of cream.

In the salad bowl,
add chocolate + hot milk. Mix to emulsify. Whip the cream
whipped cream and mix the two parts. To reserve in the fridge.

Chocolate mousse with custard

180g of milk chocolate, 1 egg yolk, 10g of sugar, 50g of milk, 50g of
liquid cream. Then 180g of liquid cream, 40g of dark chocolate shavings and

In the
salad bowl, melt chocolate. Make a custard: mix the
yellow with the sugar then heat the hot liquids hot. Cook on a tablecloth. Pay
on chocolate.

Fit the
180g of very cold cream and mix them with the preparation. Add the chips
of dark chocolate and fruit.

White chocolate stracciatella mousse

125g of white chocolate, 10cl of cream. Then 50cl of cream, 30g of mascarpone,
20g of icing sugar, 1 vanilla pod and 40g of dark chocolate shavings.

Pour 10cl
of hot cream over white chocolate and mix. Whip 50cl of cream and the
mascarpone whipped cream with icing sugar and vanilla. Add to chocolate
white, whipped cream, 40g dark chocolate shavings, then mix.
Add shavings for decoration.

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