Louis, a student from Saint-Étienne, wants to know how, on a very tight budget, he could cook good, easy-to-make and inexpensive meals all year round. For this reason, Cyril Lignac advises to turn to simple, inexpensive and seasonal products like carrots, poultry, button mushrooms, spices and eggs.

According to the chef, the main thing is embellish your daily life with … everyday products. The recipe for grated carrots is therefore one of the ideal solutions because this entry is very nourishing, good and crunchy. Complete it with a little olive oil, lemon juice and vinaigrette.

For the dish, you can buy chicken or poultry cutlets. Cut them into small pieces and brown them in mushrooms, onions and crème fraîche. On the side, cook some shells that you can add to your meat for a great dish. For dessert, you can produce a sweet tard by buying shortcrust pastry with orange zest and sugar.

The secrets to a successful noodle broth

Another menu solution, you can start as a starter with a vegetable velouté with pumpkin or pumpkin that you brown with cumin. As a main course, choose pasta, with ham and pair it with parmesan, which is high season or reblochon. For dessert, apples will satisfy you. You can make them in the oven by baking them with a little bit of butter and sugar or in the form of applesauce.

Another easy to make and inexpensive Cyril Lignac favorite is noodle broth with soy sauce and an egg. Produce a soft-boiled egg and prepare a little soy sauce bath before soaking it. Let it marinate for hours so that it has the creamy taste of soya and associate it with a noodle broth that you will have decorated with vegetables, bacon or mushrooms.

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