Cyril Lignac gives his recipe for a creamy aligot –

How to make a good aligot? Originally, this typical dish from Aveyron made from fresh tome was invented by the monks of Aubrac to feed pilgrims on the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

Chef Cyril Lignac recounts the recipe from his childhood. It is made with potatoes cooked in water, passed through a potato masher with a little butter and cream. Then add the tome, without boiling, very slowly, stirring, for the tome to melt and run.

There is always a restaurant on Aubrac, where you can be put on your head the crown of the aligot. A real tradition! Aligot is not an easy recipe to cook because it takes really fresh tome.

You need 500 grams of firm winter potatoes, then 25 grams of heavy cream and 50 grams of butter. You have to mix well then mix 250 grams of fresh tome and scatter it over. Then, turn the aligot and lift the spatula to make the thread.

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