Cyril Billiard appointed e-mobility director of FCA France – Autoactu

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles France group is stepping up the development of its services linked to new mobility and the electrification of its ranges, in particular with the introduction of its new hybrid and electric engines. For the deployment of the group's strategy in France, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles France entrusted to Cyril Billiard, customer experience and training director for FCA France since 2017, the e-mobility project for the French market. In his short stories, he remains attached to Jerome Monce, Managing Director of FCA France.

"He will be in charge of coordinating the general action plan, while ensuring a perfect transition of the network in terms of new mobility, both commercially and after-sales, structures and resources.", indicates the group in its press release.

Aged 52, Cyril Billiard has a management training acquired within the HEC group. After having worked in different cultural and political sectors, he joined the Fiat group in 2004 as regional after-sales manager. In 2005, he was appointed service marketing manager, then he was promoted to parts and services marketing director of Fiat France in 2006. After a sales, marketing and management experience at MotorVillage Champs-Elysées (2010-2014). In March 2014, he was appointed Mopar Marketing and Communications Manager for FCA's EMEA region, based in Turin. Since 2017, he has been FCA's Customer Experience and Training Director.

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