Cyril Abiteboul (Renault): "McLaren has a better car than us" – F1 – Renault – L'É

Fourth last season, Renault had higher ambitions for 2019, but the French team will probably finish fifth in the Championship behind McLaren. With 38 points behind the British team, we see it indeed poorly catch up in two races (Brazil and Abu Dhabi). This season will remain a disappointment for Renault, which will be beaten by an opponent who uses the same engine that it.

"McLaren has a better car than us, a better chassis, it's a fact, has honestly recognized Cyril Abiteboul, the boss of Renault, on after the US GP. And I'm not ashamed to fight her for fourth place, it's a fantastic team and a big name in F1. We just have to accept that things take time, whether we like it or not. F1 is a difficult sport, very competitive, and the good thing is that we have been able, in recent weeks, to make progress in terms of adjustments. Because there has been no development, the car has not changed in a while. "

For the Frenchman, the difference between McLaren and Renault is mainly in qualifications: "They are much faster than us on Saturday, at least half a second, but on Sunday we are much closer or faster than them. It was the case in the United States, Mexico and Suzuka too, but it was not necessarily seen, because of our position on the grid, or the strategy. But the qualifications show the potential and the limits of the car, and ours, when we push it to the maximum, is not very pleasant. So we know what to focus on. "

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