CyberMonday: tips to buy your trip without interest

Summer 2020 is approaching and one of the most sought after items is tourism. In LA GACETA TRAVEL you can find great deals on flights by clicking here.


– Interest-free fees: Beyond discounts, something to take advantage of is financing, the form of payment is as important as the price. Payment options in interest-free installments usually arise that are very convenient to counteract inflation.

Argentinian airlines: Buy your tickets in up to 12 installments without interest with Visa, except for tickets to Rome, until November 6.

Latam: I obtained 10 interest-free installments with BBVA Francés, in selected destinations, until November 10 inclusive.

– Take advantage of the offer quickly: If you find a product that is of your interest, buy it at the moment. If you decide to return later it is probably over.

– Purchase limit: Check your card limit in advance.

– Sign up: We also recommend that you register on the sites of the participating companies to speed up your purchase process. By clicking here you can subscribe.

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