British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference devoted to the Covid-19 pandemic on February 15, 2020, in London. Credits: Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Pool via REUTERS.

Boris Johnson calls for a treaty to ensure transparency on pandemics. The British prime minister said he was in favor of sharing country health data on Monday, after London and Washington expressed concerns over limited access granted to China to World Health Organization investigators. “One of the interesting ideas that we have seen over the last few months is a proposal for a global pandemic treaty, so that signatory countries make sure they pass on all the data they have and so that we go at the end to understand what happened and prevent it from happening again ”, Boris Johnson said at a press conference. A position taken immediately on Twitter by Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, who is at the origin of the idea of ​​the treaty, remember Voice of America. As part of the UK Presidency of G7, Boris Johnson wants to take steps towards a global approach to pandemics, in particular through warning systems.

Covid-19: Auckland confined after the appearance of a first outbreak of British variant infection. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ordered the drastic measure after the discovery of two cases in the same family in the largest city on the North Island with a population of some 2 million. On Monday, schools and non-essential businesses closed for at least three days. “In the laboratories […] across the country, many professionals are now at work to determine whether New Zealand can end the restrictions by Wednesday ”, tells the New Zealand news portal Stuff. New Zealand’s record in the fight against Covid-19 has been hailed abroad, with the archipelago totaling less than 2,000 cases since the start of the pandemic.

The legendary Jaguars will become 100% electric from 2025. The British manufacturer unveiled its new strategy on Monday “Green” in order to be carbon neutral by 2039. The group, which belongs to the Indian Tata Motors, said in a statement to want “Re-imagine yourself”, under the leadership of its new managing director, the Frenchman and former Renault employee, Thierry Bolloré. “This radical change in strategy shows how much car manufacturers are now seeking to adapt their activities to the emission standards which are constantly being reinforced around the world”, note The Hindustan Times.

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