Courrèges separates from its artistic director – ELLE France

Barely started, the year 2020 already reveals its first batch of surprises. This Friday, January 3, Courrèges announces in a press release from its artistic director Yolanda Zobel. Appointed in February 2018, the Franco-German stylist, who began her career at Giorgio Armani in the early 2000s, left the Parisian fashion house founded in 1961 by André Courrèges after less than two years as artistic director. A "mutual" decision according to the press release. The name of his successor will be announced soon, according to "WWD".

The departure of the designer comes after attempts at renewal noted in the collections of the house. Last September, Courrèges presented its spring-summer 2020 collection in Paris, along the Canal Saint-Martin. A place conducive to an outdoor parade, which unveiled in particular new techniques used by the French house for a more eco-responsible fashion. To replace her iconic vinyl, she then presented her new material based on algae, which had surprised and left some guests perplexed. The year 2020 will undoubtedly be the year of renewal at Courrèges.

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