Coupe de France: "Le Losc was very courteous, friendly" but left with the recipe for the match – 20 Minutes

Winner at Raon-l'Etape, the Losc left with half the recipe, i.e. € 21,000. Photo J.-C. Verhaegen / AFP photo – AFP

  • Like OM at Trélissac, Losc did not leave the recipe for its French Cup match to Raon-l'Etape, who hosted it.
  • A year after Sète-Losc where the northern club had the same reaction, Sandryk Biton, the Hérault manager, remains affected: “This story reminds me of bad memories. Unless it is related to a financial problem, it can only be a lack of elegance. "

You’ll almost forget most of it. The next match, as the soccer players repeat repeatedly. This Wednesday evening (9:05 p.m.), facing Amiens, the Losc is playing its place in the last square of the
Ligue's cup. Just that. With the undeniable "advantage", dixit Christophe Galtier, to receive to get a little closer to the last national title missing from the Lille club.

But it’s another competition that is making headlines these days. The 32nd finals of the Coupe de France, disputed last weekend, have left their mark. Several elite clubs, including Losc, are singled out for
not having left the share of the recipe due to the clubs that hosted them and evolving at a lower level. Short winner at Raon-l'Etape (N3), Lille recovered 21,000 euros, as was his right. And even its due to the reading of the regulations of the competition managed by the Federation.

21,000 euros, or 7% of the budget of the Vosges club

With the disappearance of this custom, the romanticism of the Coupe de France, the last bastion against football business, has just taken a hit. Even if it did not really surprise in the Grand Est: “Their match in Sète (in January 2019, where Lille had recovered its share, that is to say a little more than 8,000 euros) had made noise… I had therefore had an echo the way they worked. I contacted them before the match and it was explained to me that it would still be like that, "said Raon-l'Etape manager Farid Touileb.

Warned, therefore, the Vosges, but still disappointed. “Le Losc was very courteous, friendly, his coach available and they left us two jerseys. Afterwards, we hoped for more, especially as the match went well. It’s still a shortfall and for a club like ours it’s huge. About 7% of a budget of around 300,000 euros. "We had planned to dress our 200 volunteers with a tracksuit, we will buy them just a polo shirt this year …"

A part of Lille donated to the amateur world?

Last year, the Losc was justified in ensuring donating this amount to the amateur world. "Basically, it's a good move," said Touileb. But on the form, digestion is more difficult. "Especially when we see the figures for possible transfers …" A year later, Sandryk Biton, the manager of Sète, remains affected: "This story reminds me of bad memories. Unless it is related to a financial problem, it can only be a lack of elegance. "

Farid Touileb goes even further … "This recipe was a bit of a thirst pear, to end the season well. If the big clubs start to do that … Before, hosting a Ligue 1 club was prestigious. Given the constraints and the costs involved, I do not know if the small clubs will still want to organize these matches and the Cup will lose its charm. "

By law, the Losc, contacted, has not yet responded to our requests. Where does this money go? Are local clubs taking advantage of it? If yes, which ones ? Unanswered questions. Gonfreville-l'Orcher (N3), who will host Losc in the 16th round of the Coupe de France, suspects that of the Lille ogre, who should still take his share of the cake in Normandy, on January 18 or 19.

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