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Roses, green and even white – the last color released – there were everywhere on the 10 kilometers of the route. Men's winner Daniel Ebenyo (27'12), Jimmy Gressier, who became the second European performer in history (27'43) or Liv Westphal, France's new distance record holder (31'15), all had at the feet the new bomb.

Besides, if we look at the top 25 in the race (graph below), we can see that more than half of them broke their personal best with the precious shoe on their feet.

Obviously, these shoes are not yet running on their own and the credit goes first and foremost to the athletes. But the contribution of 3 to 4%, according to different studies, really seems to be confirmed from race to race at the sight of the different world records fallen less than two years ago (10 km, half-marathon, marathon).


Among the top fifteen French bullfighters at Houilles, Alexis Miellet is the only one to have broken his record without wearing the Next%

Moreover, in Houilles, the first fifteen Frenchmen beat their personal best and among them, only the miler Alexis Miellet did not run with Next% underfoot. While others have exploded their record of more than 30 '', even 1 '(over 10 km the Next would save between 20 and 30' '), while they run regularly over this distance.

In view of the results, some informed observers also raised the question of a distance or timing problem this Sunday. But the race, recognized as an international label by the IAAF, has been measured many times and no concerns have been declared regarding the timing. Other reasons must therefore be found.

Obviously, the context of Houilles, with its enormous density and perfect conditions on Sunday (10 degrees, no wind or rain) favored the achievement of great performances as it is the case every year but the shoes look like also played a role in this record edition. Enough to revive the debate, like swimming suits, since the Next% and their carbon plate (pending the models of other brands) begin cruelly to upset the results all the time on the road with startling runners in the best French, European and world.


Of the first five French women in the Houilles bullfight, three wore Next% with a record each time.

A phenomenon that is also spreading on the track since the prototypes, still from Nike, used by certain athletes at the last World Cups in Doha are also starting to be dissected. Not to mention the models of sprint, seen recently on social networks and which make some say that the records for example of Usain Bolt on 100 and 200 m will not hold any longer.

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