Coronavirus: tips when traveling by public transport

If you have no other option than to travel by public transport, it is good to take into account a series of measures to avoid getting infected.

Plan your trip

Avoid peak hours as much as possible, check the schedules of the transport you are going to use and make sure there are no setbacks that could alter your trip.

Always wear a mask

This accessory is one of the few preventive measures you can take to take care of yourself and others.

Do not touch anything

Try not to touch the handrails or armrests and, as much as possible, do not hold onto the grab bars. If the droplets of an infected person have ended up on these surfaces, they can end up on your hands and, later, come into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth, the main routes of infection.

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Be very careful also with falling asleep leaning on the bars. If you are tired, lean back, but never rest your face on any surface.

Avoid going face to face

Keep a safe distance of one and a half meters with others whenever you have the possibility and avoid engaging in conversations with other passengers. If your car is too full, line up, avoiding going head-to-head. In this position, there is less chance that if someone coughs or sneezes, their droplets will hit you.

Be careful with the cell phone

Although it sounds over the top, you need to pay attention to what is around you to stay safe. Cell phones can make you get lost, get close to someone else on your account or make any mistake that puts you in danger. If you use it, disinfect it when you get home as they accumulate many bacteria.

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