Lille psychologist Jean-Luc Beaumont. – L. Breton / M6

  • The period of confinement was fatal to many couples.
  • "Married at first sight" shrink Dr. Beaumont offers a solution to try to avoid breakups.
  • He will upload an algorithm to test compatibility and work on it.

I love you, neither do I. Or the opposite. If love has its reasons that reason ignores, it also has its limits. After the blindness of the first few days, several months for the lucky ones, a couple can run into incompatibilities that don't seem obvious at first. A particular context,
the coronavirus, for example, sometimes accelerates a process leading to an inevitable separation. Inescapable, really? Well not necessarily. Doctor Jean-Luc Beaumont, Lille couple specialist and psychologist on the M6 ​​reality show "
Married at first sight ”, may well have the solution.

We're not going to make it a rule written in stone, but the days when couples last a lifetime are all the same. Moreover, according to Jean-Luc Beaumont, psychologist specializing in relationship therapy, "I see more and more people separating, and this is nothing new. Today it affects about two out of three couples, ”he says. According to him, there are several reasons for this sad observation: "They do not have the necessary skills and also make less and less effort, in particular because of the applications which make it possible to find someone else quite easily. », Explains the psychologist.

The "Married at first sight" algorithm revisited

Add to this "culture of selfishness and egocentricity" a small layer of health crisis, and it is the tragedy. "During confinement, this mainly concerned couples with young children who had to endure their presence in a small place in addition to their work," continues Jean-Luc Beaumont, specifying all the same that some couples had taken the opportunity to strengthen their ties. Moreover, after confinement, the psychologist did not see requests for consultations surging. "However, I noticed that the couples who came were younger," he notes.

To avoid implosion, there is no miracle but a tool and work. Jean-Luc Beaumont worked for the show "Married at first sight". With the other speakers, the task was to find compatibilities between the candidates in order to form the couples best able to function. "I adapted the algorithm that will make it possible to determine marital compatibility based on many criteria to be fulfilled in an online questionnaire, such as values, desires, plans, sexuality", lists the psychologist. The result, roughly speaking, shows that the more similar we are, the more compatible we are. But, there is a but…

"No incompatibility is really prohibitive"

Because you will quickly get bored with your double, you need nuance, "the goal of a couple is also the exchange, to bring something to the other", assures Dr. Beaumont. For him, no incompatibility is really crippling, except perhaps having totally opposite values. “Love is a full-time job,” insists the psychologist. You have to work to cultivate it like you maintain a garden for example ”.

For couples who are feeling the tide and who do not want to change boats, Jean-Luc Beaumont will make his magic algorithm available on a website called Better Love, within two to three weeks. After the questionnaire and analysis stage, the site will offer advice to follow "to improve your relationship". At worst, it works and in addition, it will be free for a period of two months.