BEHIND THE FOURNEAUX – You’ve probably already seen this kind of videos on social networks: recipes that are simple to make, fun and for all budgets. What are the secrets of Chefclub, the French start-up champion of culinary videos? “Seven to Eight” conducted the investigation.

10 million subscribers in France, 100 million worldwide … What are the ingredients of Chefclub’s success? “Seven to Eight” immerses us in the video above behind the scenes of the star cooking recipes app.

It all started at Chefclub’s Paris headquarters, in a loft transformed into an open space. Léa is one of the 70 employees of the site: she is a “content strategist”, that is to say a trendsetter. She spends her days on social networks going through the accounts of chefs and amateurs, or picks up ideas on DIY and decoration sites. After this scouting work, the content strategist makes a sketch. Then entrust the pastry chef Nelson to reproduce the drawing in real life. It will take several tries, sometimes a whole week, to find the perfect recipe. It will then be him who will be in the kitchen in front of the camera. “When I arrived here, I had to learn to deform myself, break the codes of the kitchen, simplify things… “, Explains Nelson, who worked for ten years for the Ducasse group.

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Thomas, Axel and Jonathan, all three brothers and business school graduates, created the site. In 2016, Jonathan posted an amateur video of a cooking recipe on Youtube. She’s a hit. The brothers then understand that the image is almost more important than what is on the plate. “We could see that there was a very strong interest in cooking, and it was also confirmed by the shows we saw on TV which renovated the subject a bit. We were more sure of Jean-Pierre Coffe, Maïté , but on entertainment and us, we pushed it to the maximum with what people have in the closet, so that these people can appropriate this entertainment and not just watch TV “, explains Thomas. They then raised a million euros in funds to launch the start-up: Chefclub was born. Building on the success of the app, they developed a series of cookbooks, utensils and even clothing. These derivative products represent half of their turnover.

The ingredients of success

For the three brothers, the videos should be fun for both children and adults. To be seen and produced by as many people as possible, recipes should be accessible to everyone, even people on a tight budget. The videos are short, they last a minute and a half on average and the recipes are inventive, with an original visual aspect. The priority is the image for social networks. Never more than five utensils are necessary and the preparation time usually does not exceed an hour. The videos, forty per week, are exported to nine countries. They are turned to the iPhone to reduce production costs.

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This year, the three brothers are preparing to launch their brand of aromatic herbs. But before marketing them in supermarkets next June, they ask their fans to test them. Gauthier, a young nursing student, is one of them. He discovered the app while in containment. Today, he has to test and judge his zucchini creations with and without spices. For this work, he is not paid, unlike the consumer panel. “It’s nice that my voice counts, I find that it is not spicy, well we hold it against”, he rejoices.

After tasting, he must send his comments. The site has already received 2,500 fan returns in three months. It is Jonathan who receives the remarks. His obsession: to please everyone. “All these people have their opinions, we listen to them live and then we adjust. We will do more tests and a new round trip with the community until we have a consensus on a product that appeals to them. a maximum of people “, assures Jonathan. The recipe for aromatic herbs will then be assembled in France. The site promises to add the calorie intake of each recipe soon, and the Lang brothers have no shortage of ideas for developing the app.

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