[Epoch Times April 18, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Haiyun compiled a report) Tamika “Mika” Rascon (Tamika “Mika” Rascon) from New York and her husband Ryen both Is an avid adventurer. When Ryan got a job in Germany, the couple saw an opportunity to travel again because it would give their four children Noah, Atlas, Briséis and A childhood worth remembering in Tallulah.

When they decide to complete the trip through a small house on wheels, the future becomes more interesting.

The couple bought a 60-square-foot second-hand Ford van for $24,000 in March 2020, and spent $15,000 for a six-month interior renovation. Knowing that they will encounter all kinds of intricate difficulties, they spent a few hours brainstorming and designing the perfect layout.

Mika takes “European House in the Old World” as the inspiration for the interior design theme.

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The “mini cabin” remodeled by the Lane family and the truck. (Courtesy of Temika Riscom)

The mother of four explained that the biggest design consideration is how to ensure the safety of the four children’s car seats while driving, and use the same space to sleep and eat at the same time. In the end, they chose a custom steel bench.

The rear of the van has an adjustable electronic bunk bed above a custom-made bench; the kitchen has a plug-in oven, induction cooker and mini refrigerator; the “pop-up” bathroom includes a compostable toilet and a connection to the kitchen Shower head with sink.

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The empty compartment of the truck before the transformation. (Courtesy of Temika Riscom)

The truck is soundproofed and insulated. Other space-saving solutions include compressed cubes and microfiber towels for storing minimal household clothing, which can be folded to one-sixth the size of ordinary cotton towels.

Installing mobile batteries and solar panels is the biggest expense. The mini theater may be their greatest enjoyment, but this interesting additional feature makes the Mini Wheel House both functional and comfortable.

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The truck is in the process of renovation. (Courtesy of Temika Riscom)

Mika’s personal favorite designs are the herringbone brick walls and original wooden countertops she installed in the kitchen, and the bunk beds designed by Ryan. But most importantly, she likes the surprise between the appearance of a typical van and the comfortable interior cabin.

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The modified carriage of the truck. (Courtesy of Temika Riscom)

Mika became pregnant with Tarula during the renovation. She told Insider, “I think the difficulties encountered in the house will also be encountered in the truck. The only difference is that when we feel claustrophobic in the car We can go for a walk when the time comes.”

She said on Instagram that she and Ryan did not “immerse our children in material life”, but chose to give them experiences and adventures, and these experiences will have a real and lasting impact on their lives.

The family allocated their time to duplex apartments in Germany and living on the road. When the epidemic restricted people’s freedom of movement in 2020, Mika, Ryan and their children managed to find many other mini-house enthusiasts and exchange tips and stories with them.

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A corner of the transformed truck compartment. (Courtesy of Temika Riscom)

Mika runs a photography company called “The Greatest Miracle”, and she shared her family mini-house experience on Instagram.

“Whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually, we all like the intimacy in the car,” she said. “This gives our family time to communicate and spend time with each other, especially my husband and I.”

“A lot of people might think that we are crazy. A family of six lives in such a small space.” She continued, “But when you have the ability to live anywhere in this country, you will hardly feel the small space. !”

(English Epoch Times reporter Louise Bevan contributed to this article)

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