Tired of alternating between ketchup pasta, tuna cake and Caesar salad? CNN Travel heard you and updated her ranking of the best dishes in the world ! To be completely honest, we are not necessarily in total agreement with this list and we think that couscous had its place among these 50 dishes, but let's move on!

But where are the specialties of France?

We prefer to warn you before you frantically scroll through the list of winners … France does not even have its place in the top 10 (our dear and tender croissant only ranks 21st). The disappointment is great. Gastronomes and patriots, we would have liked to see some french specialties in this ranking but we must admit that the winners whet our appetite; we are good players!

Asian recipes stand out

From 10 best dishes in the world, the spicy dishes have the coast and in the middle of these sneak more common dishes like hamburger or ice cream.
And since it only takes one winner, the winner is the Massaman curry. Originally from Thailand, it is traditionally made with chicken, potatoes and lots of spices. Just talking about it makes our mouths water so we hope you invite us to taste it!

What could be better than homemade?

What if instead of being depressed about being locked up, you took the opportunity to try out these recipes? We are of course not talking to you about buying these exquisite dishes at Picard, but about making them, we are sure that you are capable of even more in these times of confinement.
Go do your shopping quickly, put on your chef's apron and indulge yourself!

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