What would our containment be without pasta (with or without gluten)? Of all sizes and shapes, they are one of the most consumed foods in France. If they are quick to cook, it is sometimes difficult to know how to find the exact amount to cook.

So we end up with leftovers … You know the “plaster” or the small bowl, which you then look out of the corner of your eye in the fridge and say to yourself : “I will eat it another time”. The days go by, “the other time” does not come and here is your pasta all shriveled and dry.

Before you get to this point, you can use them to a new dish. This selection, guaranteed without ketchup (the basis for leftover pasta), should guide you to find the recipe that will make you happy.

Whether in a frittata, a soup and a salad, these recipes are quick, accessible and can help you avoid food waste.

1. As a gratin for a delicious moment

Cyril Lignac reveals two tips to sublimate your pasta gratins and therefore delight you. For the first, we put in a frying pan the butter and the flour to make a roux. Milk is added so as to obtain a béchamel sauce.

To give a little pep, add old-fashioned mustard. Then, we sprinkle with grated cheese : Gruyère, Comté or even goat or sheep cheese. We do melt everything before adding the macaroni inside. Mix and relax with milk if it is too thick.

For the second pasta gratin, take a shallot which is cooked in olive oil before adding sausage, tomato sauce and a small bunch of basil. This gives a slightly spicy sauce. We then cook the pasta and put it halfway through the tomato sauce so that it finishes cooking.

The starch thus thickens the tomato sauce. We pour everything directly into the dish with grated Parmesan or breadcrumbs and we put in the oven to have the crispy side. It gives more of a summer gratin.

2. In a salad, to think about summer

To make a pasta salad, your leftover pasta must be plain. Do yourself a favor and mix for example, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, leeks, endives or celery.

You can also add tofu, diced ham, or pieces of grilled chicken, or even tuna crumbs, as you wish. See this salad as a blank canvas that is waiting for your talent (whether you are a cordon bleu or not) to become a masterpiece.

3. In frittata, for a fondant dish

Traditional dish of Italy resembling an omelet, the frittata is great for a dinner or lunch that cooks quickly and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

To make a fritatta with pasta, as the blog advises Italian Made, you have to mix your leftover pasta with your prepared preparation with 4 or 5 eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper and a generous handful of Parmesan.

4. In cake, to impress the gallery (in video)

This recipe stands out and is offered by the blog ofAlter Gusto. “In a bowl, mix the cream cheese with the egg, ham, Parmesan and mushrooms.

Add the spaghetti. Mix carefully “, can we read in the first steps. It is also specified to perform the mixture “with the hands” to make it easier. After cooking in the oven, enjoy and do not fail to reveal your success to your loved ones with photos or video calls.

5. As a flan, for a smooth dish

A vegetarian recipe which gives you yet another opportunity to use your leftover pasta in an original way. According to the recipe proposed on the blog of Culinary tenderness, add two whole eggs to your plain or seasoned pasta, onions, peppers. Then you just have to add all this in a buttered mold and put it in the oven. for 40 minutes.

6. In soup, to warm your heart

Nothing could be simpler to make this little dish a success. Once your vegetable soup or turmeric cauliflower soup is ready to eat, add your pasta and mix well to warm it up.

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