It is small, round and brown. For some, brown is the memories in the playgrounds when we were as tall as three apples, when the leaves change colors and we had fun picking them up to make collections. For others, it is also the memories of walks in nature, with family or friends, or of Christmas dinner since it is traditionally served with turkey.

For this confinement and always explore new recipes, after pasta sauces that change from “carbo” and “bolo”, desserts from Cyril Lignac or even easy dishes from former Top Chef candidates, let’s now go to the (re) discovery of brown.

Here, the brown will not be an accompaniment, but the base of a sweetness or a touch to add to a puree or even a soup. Its texture, taste and cooking should bring comfort and novelty in your confinement.

1. Candied chestnuts

Specialty of Ardèche, iced chestnut is the little treat to accompany tea, coffee or herbal tea. To make it, you will need more than 40 minutes of your time and 125 grams of peeled raw chestnuts if you are two people. For the rest of the recipe, follow the steps explained on the website of Current Cuisine. You will only have to feast afterwards.

2. Penne with chestnuts, mushrooms and bacon

We take a little of the so-called traditional chestnut recipes to mix them with “pasta”. If you are a vegetarian, obviously make this recipe without bacon and if you are gluten intolerant, gluten-free pasta will go with the rest of the recipe. You will need a total of 35 minutes to make it, 100 g of penne, 100 g of cooked chestnuts, 100 g of mushrooms, 125 g of bacon in matches. The rest is to be discovered here for a comforting dish, as we need for this period.

3. Cream of chestnut, curry and coconut milk

A velvety smooth, fragrant and tasty in 40 minutes, it is possible. For this recipe, the ingredients are: 400 g of frozen chestnuts, 50 cl of poultry stock (which Cyril Lignac explains to you the recipe), 20 cl of coconut milk, 1 teaspoon of curry, 1 cm of fresh grated ginger , 1 stick of lemongrass and 1 bunch of cilantro (optional if you find it tastes like soap). For recipe steps, follow the directions on Current Cuisine.

4. The Lou Pisadou

Specialty of Ardèche and Drôme, Lou Pisadou is made with a shortbread dough, chestnut purée and an almond dacquoise. For this recipe, it is recommended that you have “a confirmed level” in the kitchen, because it is technical as specified on the website of Marie Claire.

5. The chestnut cream

A traditional recipe here, but ideal for relive childhood memories for some and some. It is a cream invented in 1865 by Clément Faugier and which will bring you softness. You will need 1 kilo of chestnuts and 750 grams of sugar, according to the instructions on the site Kitchen AZ.

6. Mashed sweet potatoes, coconut milk and chestnuts

Who has never (or for that matter still does) a well of mash to pour in the juice of the meat? For this recipe, we forget the potato and we turn to the sweet potato, sweet but just as delicious. To make it, you can use cooked chestnuts.

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