Connected car insurance: Toyota uses the services of Amazon –

Toyota signed an agreement to expand its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary ofAmazon offering dozens of digital services including database management, data analysis and tools for deploying the Internet of Things.

The two companies will work to expand the Toyota Mobility Services Platform, an ecosystem designed to help Toyota engineers “develop, deploy and manage the next generation of data-driven mobility services”.

With this agreement, the automaker intends to leverage AWS's infrastructure and expertise to "meet the challenge of processing and analyzing data" collected from its global fleet of connected vehicles.

Develop connected insurance

Toyota wants to improve the collection and analysis of vehicle data to, in particular, "develop new services for businesses and consumers such as proactive vehicle maintenance notifications and insurance based on driving behavior."

The collaboration with AWS "extends across Toyota's enterprise and will help lay the groundwork for streamlined and secure data sharing across the enterprise and accelerate its transition to mobility technologies," the report said. Japanese car manufacturer present in several countries around the world, including Canada.

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