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New Year's Eve is not synonymous for everyone with an extended evening until the end of the night on a dance floor while waiting for dawn and its onion soup… The fact remains that for many, this the evening is celebrated around a few selected dishes in a joyful atmosphere. And to do so, there is no age. An observation which led the Relais gourmand team to launch six years ago their "early-to-sleep" formula. At the discretion of the editions, the principle has been emulated and, above all, loyal participants. "This is a proposal that allows those who do not want to or cannot watch and who are not necessarily keen on musical entertainment, to savor a festive meal," explains Mouche, the chef. "As we do throughout the year, we also offer those who cannot or do not want to travel to take their meals home." At the Relais, it is therefore from 7:30 p.m. that she will serve her guests its 50 € menu, between foie gras, trio of fish and piece of beef. "We also offer a glass of champagne to accompany the dessert and coffee," said the manager of the ranges at the Relais, where more than twenty regulars reserved their cutlery early. "But there are still a few places left" Notice to latecomers. Same spirit at the very young Mont-Resto de Montréal-du Gers where a menu at 50 € is also offered.

More festive, and more expensive, the Eve of the Continental (125 €) will also offer to easily reach the twelve strokes of midnight in a musical atmosphere.

At Conti, as at the Moulin du Petit Gascon, and at the Vieux Pressoir in Caussens, if Christmas Eve menus are offered this evening, it is also tomorrow at noon that the chefs and their teams will offer gourmets the opportunity to greet the arrival of the new year around tasty dishes, according to the formula which does not exceed 35 €.

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