8:00 a.m. – The evacuation of the first people started in a relaxed atmosphere, noted our reporter on site.

People are happy to leave. The promiscuity of people from different cultures in an unsuitable place made cohabitation difficult, testify several occupants. "There were constant fights with the Chechens," said Victor Stanley, a 25-year-old Nigerian.

Most of the migrants met this Wednesday morning come from black Africa and have a long journey of exile behind them. Many have passed through Libya and Italy.

Those evacuated from the squat are directed to a first tent where they receive identification bracelets with bar codes. After a coffee, they are invited to board buses to be relocated to the former Lyautey hospital at Neuhof, hotels, as well as to an isolation center in Schiltigheim for patients with Covid-19. The reorientation towards a reception center for asylum seekers (CADA), a reception and social assessment center (CAES) and emergency accommodation for asylum seekers (HUDA) will be carried out as a second step. , say the authorities.

For the prefecture, the objective is to shelter people before the winter period and avoid any formation of an epidemic cluster.

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A Georgian family is the first to leave the area. Photo DNA – Marc Rollmann

7:30 am. The mayor of Eckbolsheim, André Lobstein, came to bring the fruits of a collection organized by the town hall and the parents of students, who gathered nearly 1,000 clothes and 200 toys, following the decision to dismantle the prefecture. Lidl, owner of the wasteland and initiator of the eviction lawsuit, prepared 600 packed lunches.

6:30 a.m. – This Wednesday morning, two mobile gendarmerie squadrons, firefighters, SAMU, Civil Protection, the Regional Health Agency, the Red Cross, the White Cross, the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid and Civil Protection were mobilized and CTS buses were requisitioned for the evacuation.

The exact number of migrants is not yet known. They will be directed by the integrated reception and orientation service to their assignment sites.

Several sites are planned to accommodate migrants: an isolation center in Schiltigheim for patients with Covid-19, the former Lyautey hospital at Neuhof and hotels, currently deserted by tourists.

This would be the first evacuation of a squat on the perimeter of the Eurometropolis, indicates the prefecture. Several camps had been evacuated in recent years in Strasbourg, notably rue des Canonniers.

Currently, 2,400 people are accommodated at the hotel as part of emergency accommodation on the perimeter of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

A site occupied for more than a year

The Bugatti squat, located at the corner of rue Ettore-Bugatti and rue Jean-Monnet in Eckbolsheim, is the last refuge for migrants who are often denied asylum rights.

This Wednesday morning, The "humanitarian and health operation" announced by the prefecture must end more than a year of illegal occupation. The squat opened on September 22, 2019. Its history is marked by several incidents. Last September, for example, a man was shot and wounded there.

This operation aims to "shelter 250 to 300 people", including several families, explain the services of the prefecture, who say they are committed to relocating everyone. The state also intends to apply a decision of the Strasbourg court of law issued this summer, who gave the head of the squat, Lahcen Oualhasi, until October 16 to empty the premises.

The police surrounded the building from Tuesday at the end of the afternoon. The objective, according to the gendarmerie, is to prevent new occupants from joining the old ones in an attempt to also obtain rehousing at the hotel, the news of the operation having spread among associations. This encirclement was described as a "provocation" by Lahcen Oualhasi, responsible for the squat.