“It’s incomprehensible.” Since Saturday morning, Ghislaine Reille no longer sees anyone in his psychology practice. Located in the shopping arcade of Chamnord to Chambéry, the practice can no longer accommodate patients: due to sanitary measures, shopping centers of more than 10,000 square meters must remain closed, only food stores can continue to operate.

However, during first two confinements, this psychological and neuropsychological center continued to operate. “Macron manages to ensure that the consultations of the students are supported financially, I have students and there I will be obliged to tell them that I cannot take them?” Ghislaine Reille’s agenda has exploded since the start of the pandemic: no less than 165 appointments in one month for children, students and adults in difficulty “and we will have to postpone everything” Ghislaine sighs.

“I propose to the prefecture to lend me a cabinet so that I can practice, I only ask that.” – Ghislaine Reille, psychologist

To reopen, the cabinet must do a request for exemption with the Savoie prefecture, which will study whether this psychological center comes within the nails of the sanitary rules. In the meantime, the psychologist and her three colleagues continue to provide certain appointments, when it is possible to make them by video. Untenable in a profession where relationships are essential: “I cannot do everything remotely, in particular the assessments: memory assessment, early assessment, autism assessment, there we have an obligation to be in person. Behind a screen the diagnosis is not reliable.”