Clara, a student in Lille, takes courses in Canada … from a farm in Haute-Savoie

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article 1024 - Clara, a student in Lille, takes courses in Canada ... from a farm in Haute-Savoie->clara berthier photo - Clara, a student in Lille, takes courses in Canada ... from a farm in Haute-Savoie
Clara, who had planned to go to Canada for a semester, finally follows her classes from France. (© DR)

Erasmus and coronavirus do not mix well. Clara Berthier, 21 years old, undergraduate student in psychology at the FLSH (Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences) of Lille (North) was able to verify it. Remained in France because of health measures linked to Covid-19, she follows courses from Canada… From a farm in Haute-Savoie.

An organized college

Unlike others, like Valentin, who did not know until the last moment whether they would be able to leave, Clara was told very quickly. Earlier this year, she found out she was being accepted into the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada. "I knew very quickly that I could not leave, in March or April," explains the student, who points out that the Canadian university seems very organized.

Since the start of the September school year, she has been taking online courses. Courses adapted to jet lag. “We don't have any video lessons. The teachers leave the lessons to us and remain very available to answer us, ”she remarked. For exams, the organization is also made so that students do not have to live at a staggered pace. “We have 72 hours to do them. We only have one attempt, of course, but the advantage is that we can do it at any time we want. "

More advanced materials

Clara has always wanted to go abroad, as part of her studies. At first in law, it was complicated. But with his reorientation in psychology, it became possible. She chose Canada out of attraction for the country, but also for the richness of her studies in her specialty.

"They are very advanced in psychology", assures the student, who noticed that in France, the teaching remains very general, especially during the first years. At her host university, she was able to choose subjects à la carte. "I took courses in criminology, which is not recognized in France, and also in political psychology. It's a lot more free ".

Travel anyway

If she regrets not having been able to go to Canada, Clara remains positive. She will have the opportunity to have other experiences. And besides, she experienced an unexpected one, since she is currently in Haute-Savoie.

“I do woofing on a farm. In the morning, I work, and in the afternoon, I take my lessons ", explains the young woman, happy with this little improvised trip. She plans to spend a few months like this, before returning to Lille, which is not her native land. Originally from Lyon, she is one of those young people who migrated to the North "somewhat by chance" for her studies.

We can bet (without too much risk) that the gray and rainy skies will not be the only memory she will keep of our region.

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