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Twenty years, it's celebrating. It is this anniversary that celebrates the Chrysler car brand for its PT Cruiser model. It also marks the first decade since production stopped around 2010. This model, launched in the 2000s, is highlighted by enthusiasts from around the world. The association Argonnaise, club Spirit PT Cruiser, based in Sivry-Ante, has embarked on the organization of a " European gathering Near Lake Der.

20 years of PT Cruiser

The meeting is organized in Giffaumont-Champaubert, near Lake Der, May 30-31, 2020.

The PT Cruiser Spirit Club, based in Sivry-Ante, organizes this event.

Dozens of vehicles will be presented on the football field.

Two hundred cars are expected to the maximum, including some from abroad: Ukraine, Hungary, Holland, etc.

A European rally

A hundred French, Ukrainian, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Belgian, English, Swiss and Italian have already confirmed their presence. " For ten years, we had Russians "Says Ghilsain Mattlin, an Argonnais carpenter and passionate about PT Cruiser. " I'm crazy about PT since kid He admits. As proof, he made a pedal model for children, dividing the manufacturer data by three. A long-term job that he completed a few years back. Now, he uses his imagination and his carpenter's paw to create ashtrays, pencil holders, empty-pocket and business card holders. We do not stop enthusiasts …

Lake Der, a strategic choice

After having organized the model's ten years in 2010, they are ready to renew the operation for the twenty years of this vehicle. They are Ghislain Mattlin, his wife and the members of the collector's club.

So why Lake Der and not Sainte-Ménehould?" It decenter a little, slips the president of the association. When you present the meeting place on a map, those of the South see it less. And then the mayor of Giffaumont is great. He lends us a lot of things. " The animation of this gathering will be classic. At least one food truck will be on site. The entry fee will be worth a raffle. Visitors will be invited to vote for their preferred vehicle for classification. Exhibitors will enjoy a private concert on Saturday evening, indoor. The Argonne will still be present with some traders in the fields of honey, champagne, sorbets, accessories, and paint.

Registration of 20 € per vehicle by mail to

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