Almost all Tesla Model S and X models present in China will be recalled by the American manufacturer. In all, nearly 30,000 vehicles from Elon Musk's company will have to go through the garage for overhauls, according to a report released by Bloomberg on Friday. The Chinese state administration in charge of market regulation says it is a suspension issue that is behind the massive recall.

Produced only in the United States, these two models have had numerous recalls in the past. The most recent dates back to last January. 15,000 Tesla Model X had been returned to the latter's factories for checks. At the time, it was the vehicle's power steering that was in question, only on units sold before October 2016.

A little further in time, more than 50,000 Model S and X had been recalled as a precaution. Tesla feared a construction defect on the parking brakes. The vast majority of vehicles did not show any major faults.

A Model 3 that seduces China

Sales of these two models are struggling to take off in China or reliability issues are holding back Asian customers. Model S and X are sold only a few hundred copies per month in China.

Whereas as far as Model 3 goes, it's a big story. The American electric vehicle appeals to the greatest number in China. 11,000 monthly sales and numbers that keep growing for the automaker. Faced with growing demand in recent years, Tesla even opened a factory in Shanghai to supply the Asian market directly. Ultimately, Elon Musk would like to produce models for the European market, as well as the Tesla Model Y.

Today Tesla is one of the hottest automotive brands. Personalized by its charismatic CEO, Elon Musk. In the last quarter he announced the delivery of 139,000 vehicles during the three months. If these figures are ridiculous vis-à-vis the automotive giants, PSA does better with its only model of the C3, the growth of the American electric manufacturer is unparalleled. Tesla’s last quarter revenue increased 39%.