To forget, the year which has just passed? Not for Mory Sacko. The 28-year-old chef, who went through the last edition of “Top Chef”, was propelled to the top, obtaining his first Michelin star in January, just a few weeks after the opening of his restaurant Mosuke in Paris. (14th century). And this is not over. The talented cook, originally from Tournan-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne) finds himself from this Saturday February 27 at 8:25 pm at the controls of a new weekly television program, “Open kitchen”. Here are five things to know about this culinary event, the first number of which takes place in Megève, in Haute-Savoie.

At the border of documentary. The chef had carte blanche, “tailor-made”, he slips, delighted. The only constraint: that the program has a regional spectrum. “I wanted us to be on a hybrid between a recipe show and a documentary. Something not too excited, otherwise, it would not match my personality, slips Mory Sacko, sympathetic and jovial. There, we take the time, we have beautiful landscapes, beautiful discussions and cool recipes ”. The chef, who was keen to take care of the aesthetics of the images, also sees them as a “way to convey messages”. Without being too prominent. Not the kind of house. “Too often, in this kind of program, we have a presenter who knows everything better than the producer or the craftsman in front of him”, reacts the former sous-chef of the Mandarin Oriental, who, on the screen, takes a real pleasure to listen to its guests.

Stoves planted in a dream setting. Open kitchen is also an expression to be taken in the literal sense, Covid-19 requires. In each issue, Mory Sacko sets up his pots and pans in the open air. “It gives a unique, magical setting,” he says. In Megève, the starred chef will officiate from the top of the closed ski slopes. “To install the equipment, we had to go back and forth on a snowmobile, it was epic,” he says. We were alone, in the middle of the snow-capped mountains ”. An amused memory of this first issue? “I am very cautious. So going to cook outside, at the top of the mountain, in the middle of winter, in chef’s clothes, it’s the highest level of sacrifice I can make! laughs Mory Sacko. I went there a bit backwards when it came time to shoot. However, it was I who had chosen the place! In the end, I had put on a lot of layers of clothes, and it was. “

Local producers, chefs and a surprise guest. The program makes discover the France of the soils. Each time, she takes us to meet a local producer and chef. A vivid memory for Mory Sacko? “The discussion with this fisherman on Lake Annecy, super-silent at the start, used to solitude. But once on the boat, in the middle of the water, he began to speak with passion. It was a beautiful human encounter. “In this first issue, we meet a cheese refiner, Emmanuel Renaut, three times starred chef at Flocons de Sel, in Megève, but also actor François-Xavier Demaison, who helps Mory Sacko make his recipe. “I didn’t want it to revolve around me. I found it interesting to have someone who talks about the region or just an Epicurean who loves to eat. »After Lyon, Annecy, and Bourg-en-Bresse, the team will then go to Aquitaine. “Before, I did not have the time or the habit to travel in France, I am very Parisian in my career, confides the cook. Me too, I discover all these places, these terroirs, I combine the useful with the pleasant! “

Revisited recipes. Mory Sacko also makes us discover his art: revisiting recipes by bringing his many influences, which range from Africa to Japan. This is the case in this first issue with an astonishing Reblochon in a wasabi bread crust (a kind of Japanese mustard, very spicy), which makes your mouth water. “I have this idea that strong tastes, instead of canceling each other out, complement each other,” smiles the young man. By combining the two and dosing correctly, we keep the milk side of the cheese, enhanced by the spiciness of the wasabi. Boldness is also what characterizes this Parisian, tied for best young chef by Michelin. “We try, and sometimes we miss each other. We have to screw up! he insists. I learn more from a failure than if I succeed the first time ”. And in the show, during the final tasting, even Emmanuel Renaut seems won over!

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A long-standing passion for cooking shows. Having his show is a bit of a childhood dream for him. Maïté among others, marked it, but also many reports on the kitchen to the four corners of the planet. “That’s really what brought me to this track,” says the man who decided to do this job at the age of 14. The universe, the atmosphere, I liked a lot ”. At home, it is especially his mother, Senegalese, who cooks. “It was her territory, no one was allowed to enter it, she was right, I only went there to eat,” he laughs. She gave me a taste for good things. Today, she is proud of her son’s career. He himself welcomes the choice of France 3. “I find it courageous to give a guy who has my head a program that represents the French regions, the terroirs, he remarks. It’s a beautiful message. It is important to show that there is a different model of leader. I hope I won’t be an exception for too long. Otherwise, it will mean that nothing has changed. “


“Open kitchen”, every Saturday at 8:25 p.m., on France 3. Duration: 25 minutes