Check Out These 4 WhatsApp Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About

whatsapp - Check Out These 4 WhatsApp Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About

WhatsApp is an application known to everyone, but very few know how to manage in depth. Actually, you might not know all the tricks you can do with this messaging app; find out how long it has been since you skipped a message when reading messages without being marked as seen.

For this reason, today we bring you 4 tips that may come in handy on certain occasions so that you uncover details that otherwise would go unnoticed. We will also show you how to easily transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, recovering your conversations and files that you have shared through said app.

4 essential tips to apply on WhatsApp

Find out who has your number in a group

To find out who is a member of a WhatsApp group where you don't know everyone has your number, you can perform the following steps.

Create a broadcast message and add someone you know you've added as a contact. Add all suspects from the group in question to the broadcast. Send the message, and then view the broadcast information. Only contacts who have added your number will be able to see your broadcast, so you'll know which group members have your number.

See how long someone has ignored your messages

To find out the time since your message reached any contact's phone, simply open the message, hold it down for two seconds, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then tap. to touch Info. You will be able to see the time since the message was delivered and the time the message was viewed.

Read a message without it appearing read

To read a message without reading it, there are many tips. For example, you can turn on the phone's airplane mode and open the chat without worrying about reading the report. Instead of opening it immediately, activate airplane mode first, then enter the chat in question.

Another way to do this is to read it in your phone's notification bar, being careful not to touch the button. Mark as read. You can also turn off the view of your messages, but there are two things you need to remember; When you do this, you won't be able to see if someone else is letting you in sight and it isn't working with voice notes, because the blockage is bypassed.

Recover your WhatsApp messages and shared files with a Windows program

By using the dr.fone program, you can get back your WhatsApp messages if you experience a crash and need to reinstall the app or if you have lost a conversation with important information or with attachments that you wanted to keep such as photos of trips to the beach or family, etc. This trick works with both iPhone and Android.

Install and launch dr.fone on your computer.

Click on the option mobile folder.To choose Device recovery and after Whatsapp and WhatsApp attachments, then click Start.You will be able to preview all messages before starting the recovery. To filter your search more quickly, select the option show only deleted items; then select the category WhatsApp and after Whatsapp attachments. Finally, click on Recover. And you can recover messages and attachments.

You can also use WhatsApp's automatic backups from iCloud or Google Drive depending on your operating system, and restore messages that arrived before the last backup from your phone.

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