Original title: Check in Qianzigang to experience the trip to the oxygen bar

Yuanyang Lake Photography: Liu Li

Danxia on Water Photography: Zhang Yingzhong

Rainbow dry skating photography: Yang Yue

Off-road kart

Internet celebrity swing photography: Su Jin

Qianzigang Panorama Photography: Liu Li

Let the stressful life slow down temporarily, spend a short time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, choose a quiet place to enjoy life, and use the natural scenery and customs to heal the pressure of city life. Drive to find a paradise, find your own fun in the mountains and rivers, feel the comfort of the fragrance of the earth, and the good day starts from this moment…

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people travel, and rural pastoral tours, leisure tours, experience tours, ecological tours, etc. have become increasingly popular.

Qianzigang in Lintao County, with its unique location advantages and beautiful original ecological landscape, with the natural picture scroll of no peaks, no rocks, no cliffs, and omnipresence, attracts the footsteps of people who yearn for the countryside and relax. .

Located in Qianzigang, Yujing Town, Lintao County, Dingxi City, it is a pastoral complex integrating leisure tourism, outdoor fitness, health and recreation, parent-child paradise, large-scale competitions, and painting and calligraphy activities. It borders the Anding District of Dingxi City to the east, Lanzhou City to the north, Weiyuan County to the south, and Dongxiang, Guanghe and Kangle counties of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture to the west.

This pastoral complex covering an area of ​​about 1,200 acres, with 80% green area, has built 9 artificial lakes, built the Qin Great Wall cultural landscape belt, 18 bird watching pavilions, and built a karting track on the basis of maintaining the original appearance. There are more than 20 amusement facilities such as rainbow slide, net celebrity bridge, net celebrity swing, jungle train, unpowered roller coaster, shouting spring, etc., which are deeply loved by tourists and children.

Early summer is the most beautiful season of the year in Qianzigang. The clear sky, the intoxicating sunshine, the rolling mountains, the gurgling water, and the blooming flowers…walking here is like stepping into a paradise.

Starting from Lanzhou, it takes about an hour and a half to drive on Jinglanlin Expressway to Yujing Town, and from Yujing Town to Qianzigang, driving along the tree-lined roads, the sun shines through the gaps in the dense leaves, turning into different thicknesses. Beam of light. The wind blows, the shade of the tree swings, everything is so comfortable. Driving along the country road, Qianzigang Scenic Spot is far in sight from the window of the car.

“Although it is the first time here, I have been deeply attracted.” At the exit of the scenic spot, Liu Yiduo, a tourist who had just visited, said with a smile. As a foreign tourist, I really didn’t expect Lintao to have this A great place to punch in.

Hearing such praise from tourists, my heart began to look forward to it.

Going to a place I’ve never been to, itself reveals a kind of mysterious curiosity to explore. Under the leadership of the scenic spot guide Hu Pengcheng, we checked in Qianzigang together to experience the unique beauty here.

“Now the tourist car is driving on the First Ring Road. The wide flowing water area seen to the east is the diversion canal of the Taobin Hydropower Station in Lintao County. The red mountain above the diversion canal belongs to red sandstone, and the top yellow is the loess layer, above the loess layer. The pavement is verdant and the three layers of colors perfectly intersect here, and because of the agility of the water, it is full of infinite reveries. Here, everything is revived and full of life in spring; the green hills and green hills in summer are full of birds and the flowers are scented; the autumn is colorful and the forest is full of colors; , Silver-clad and plain, it can be said that’there are scenery in all seasons, and different days everywhere’.” Hu Pengcheng explained vividly.

A large area of ​​water can always bring you peace and healing. The mirror surface reflects the sky and dense green vegetation, and the microclimate formed by plenty of water vapor is particularly pleasant.

Sitting on a sightseeing car traveling all the way, our eyes were deeply attracted to the wonderful red sandstone above the diversion canal. Looking around, the mountains overlap, the valleys are deep, and the peaks and forests are peculiar.

Looking east along the direction of the guide’s fingers, the landscapes such as “stone monkey out of bath”, “double-faced human face”, “Qin King Tomb” and other landscapes are vividly visible.

“Stone monkey out of bath” is named after a stand-alone rock on the red mountain, which resembles a stone monkey sitting and lying in the forest to take a bath. In case of rain, when the rain drips from the highest point on the place where the stone monkey sits and lies, it is more vivid.

External forces from nature have carved the ochre-red mountains and valleys into magnificent and breathtaking landscapes. The mountains and rocks of different shapes are even more eye-catching. Some are steep and straight, some are in various poses, and some are lifelike. Those mountains and rocks that look like humans and birds require you to hold your breath, slow down, and use a quiet heart. Go and savor. Presumably every tourist who comes here will be deeply shocked by the fantastic scenery here.

The picturesque scenery everywhere, let us decide to walk to the next attraction: Mandarin Duck Lake and Tai Chi Lake. Perhaps people are naturally intimacy with water. When the turquoise lake water occupies the visual picture, it gives people a sense of emptiness and detachment. The breeze drifted across the water, bringing a cool breath, and the gentle waves of the water brought a slight, pleasing sound, which made people completely relax.

Standing by the lake, savoring the beauty of Qianzigang, the beauty lies in the water. Relying on the water of the Tao River, the water here is a bay, one by one, one by one, the rivers, lakes and canals are dotted with stars, like pearls inlaid on the earth, glittering and shining. Walking into Tai Chi Lake, what you feel is bursts of coolness, moisture, and tranquility. The lake is as calm as a mirror, the wind is shining, and groups of wild ducks swim leisurely, and the fish in the water swim quickly or slowly, preying on the small creatures in the water.

There are platforms on the periphery of the lake where visitors can watch birds, enjoy the scenery, and go fishing. Bridges and plank roads are erected between the streams, providing a walkway to watch the water ecological environment at close range. Not only that, when the birds are migrating, visitors can even get close to the wetland scene with flocks of birds and water and grass.

Continue along the mountain forest trail, and soon came to the colorful colorful lake.

“Here is the name given because of the colorful brilliance when the lake surface is illuminated at sunrise. The surrounding scenery presents different beautiful appearances with the changes of the four seasons. The colorful lake itself does not have particularly distinctive colors. The reason why it presents different colors is In summer, the temperature rises, and a large number of algae and Artemia rapidly multiply, grow and change color. Different algae show different colors under different density and light, and the higher the temperature, the brighter the color of some pool water. Therefore, it also changes. It’s a colorful colorful lake.” Hu Pengcheng introduced.

I saw the lake here is clear and quiet, the shore is green with green grass, white clouds are floating in the blue sky, the green fields are full of vitality, and the beautiful landscape of water and sky makes people intoxicated. The green eyes are full of freshness and comfort. In this green, there is not only the green shade of plant fragrance, but also the aura of green water. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, only refreshing fresh air blowing in.

Stop and go, breathe deeply, think slowly, feel quietly, and appreciate the beauty of nature…

After experiencing the beauty of the strange mountains and different waters, you can choose to experience interesting and exciting amusement projects.

Modern people have a lot of pressure in life, and experiencing the acceleration of heartbeat on the rainbow slide here is nothing more than self-relaxation. Before reaching the destination, she was attracted by the screams coming from the rainbow dry skating field.

Looking from a distance, the rainbow dry slide paved with seven colorful colors looks like a rainbow lying in a beautiful mountain forest.

With the sound of “Swish Swish”, screams in the rainbow dry skating field one after another. On the rubber boat, the tourists at the top of the rainbow dry skating one after another galloped down the rainbow slide with a drop of seven or eight meters and a length of 100 meters. The ups and downs and rotations in the rapid descent increased the fun of the slide. In the speed and passion, people seem to fly by on a rainbow.

Following the guide, we came to the more passionate off-road karting track. The whole course is about 3.5 kilometers of hilly and forested slopes. The sharp bends and long roads overlap each other. Sitting on the go-kart, holding the steering wheel, enjoying the thrill of speed and roar, people are very excited. The professional track and the extremely safe car will allow you to gallop and enjoy the process of “flying”. The blending of literary pastoral and off-road karting, the collision of romance and excitement, will bring you not only passion and challenges, but also a wonderful fantasy journey!

There is also a “cute pet tribe” in the scenic area, sika deer, peacock, bunny, etc., let the children have a close contact with animals.

Of course, for a perfect trip, in addition to admiring the beautiful scenery and experiencing the thrilling slide, it also needs to fully satisfy the taste buds. The food street that is attracting investment brings together local Lintao delicacies, such as Lintao hot cold noodles, potato mashed dough, sugar shortbread, mochi buns, stone buns, etc. The fragrance of various delicacies diffuses and blends in the air. It’s a worthwhile trip that will let the tourists who come here smell their cheeks and cheeks.

The happy time always makes people feel short. The night has wiped the last ray of the setting sun, and the night is like a curtain in a theater slowly falling down. The shadows of the mountains and forests are reflected in the lake water, listening to the gurgling water, listening to the wind and leaves, watching the beautiful picture created by nature, this is the best time.

More attractions recommended

Lintao County of Dingxi City is one of the birthplaces of the ancient culture of the Yellow River. The well-known Majiayao culture, Xindian culture, and Siwa culture are all named after they were first discovered in Lintao. Taohe culture and many other regional characteristic cultures blend together; the Qin Great Wall of the Warring States Period, Laozi’s Ascension Place, Geshuhan Memorial Monument, Dongshipu Han Tombs and other historical relics are fascinating; Nanping Mountain, Haidian Gorge, Maxian Mountain and other natural sites The landscape is beautiful. Lintao has a great collection of delicacies. Lintao’s hot cold noodles, stuffed skins, sweet embryo seeds, potato dumplings, and stone buns are the most popular among tourists.

Nanping Mountain

Lintao Nanping Mountain is like a pearl inlaid in the middle of Gansu, sleeping in the magical source of “Taomin Huaer” with its beautiful posture. It is named because of the high mountain and the barrier.

Driving 135 kilometers south from Lanzhou, Nanping Mountain is immediately in front of you. Nanping Mountain is 35 kilometers north of Lintao County and only 25 kilometers away from the end of Lanlin Expressway, with an average altitude of about 2,800 meters. There is a poem saying, “There are peaks in the south, but the east wind has never been. The snow is more than three feet away, and the Langlang Yushan shines.” This is a true portrayal of Nanping Mountain Scenic Area. Nanping Mountain is steep and has pleasant scenery. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. There are lush pines and cypresses everywhere. The spring and summer mountains are full of flowers, the autumn and winter clouds are lingering, the scenery is strange and beautiful, it is a rare natural landscape in Gansu.

The annual average temperature of Nanping Mountain is 7°C. In summer, when other places are scorching, the Nanping Mountain is shaded from the sun and the breeze is slow. It is an ideal place to escape the heat and enjoy the coolness. From west to east, there are Shimenzi, Hutouya, Wucaozi, Xianzipo, Qingshiya, Guanmao Stone, Banjii, Ma, and Liang. The deep forest is dense and the cliffs are strange. The cliffs are covered with icy streams and waterfalls, and the strange rocks are green, pine, and misty.”

yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Mountain is located to the east of Lintao County, also known as Dongshan, 0.5 kilometers away from the county seat. The cultural landscape and natural beauty complement each other here. It is a rare tourist attraction in the middle of Gansu. It is the most beautiful place of historical interest in the ancient city of Lintao, and it is also the most dazzling pearl.

The existing mountains mainly include Transcendent Terrace, Jiaoshan Temple, Taoist Temple, Dimu Palace, Xiannongtan, Wenchang Pavilion, Taiping Temple, Sanxing Pavilion, Longquan Temple, Kuixing Pavilion, Dongyan Temple, Zengguan, Gallery Pavilions, and Steles There are 42 landscapes including plaques and carved stones, among which Fengtai, Jiang Weidun, and Chaoran Academy are the most famous.

Yuelu Mountain Park is named after the Dongyue Temple built in the foothills in the Song Dynasty. It is surrounded by willows, pines and cypresses, green water, flowers and birds singing. The landscape is beautiful and beautiful, with pavilions and pavilions scattered around, cultural relics and historic sites are fascinating, and ancient temples and temples are hidden in the cols, making people linger.

Baita Paradise

Baita Paradise is located in Baita Village, Yujing Town, Lintao County. It mainly focuses on dahlia flower breeding, seedling breeding and Taohe fish breeding. It has built Ming and Qing antique buildings and other facilities, and also collected a large number of Lintao local residential architectural patterns and components, which is a good filming location for film and television. The red, willow and green in the scenic area are a vibrant scene. The distant pavilions and pavilions are strewn with colorful cornices and lining the dense jungle, giving people a peaceful and harmonious beauty.

Wolong Bay Water Town

Located in Wangjiazui Village, Lintao County, Wolong Bay Water Town, surrounded by water, is an excellent recreational and health-preserving place. Relying on abundant water resources and long historical and cultural resources, Wolong Bay Water Town meticulously builds a comprehensive service of characteristic cultural tourism that integrates ecological tourism, themed culture, humane residence, and the inheritance and display of folk crafts.

Travel tips

Transportation: It is recommended to travel by car. Starting from Lanzhou via Lanlin Expressway to Lintao County, it takes about an hour and a half to reach the Qianzigang Scenic Spot in Yujing Town. Nearby tourists can take a bus to Lintao County, and then drive about 20 kilometers from the county to reach the destination.

Tickets: Tickets for Qianzigang Scenic Area are 20 yuan per person, and there are discounts for the elderly and military personnel.

Time: You can experience different scenery during the four seasons. Spring, summer and autumn are the best ones.

Weather: Due to the wide water area of ​​the scenic area and the large vegetation coverage, the temperature is slightly lower than that in the urban area, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is recommended to bring a long-sleeved jacket. On sunny days, UV rays are strong. If you are outdoors for a long time, you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin. (New Gansu·Gansu Daily reporter Dang Hui)