Charged with 'cheating', Ferrari threatens Red Bull with lawsuit –

The case of the FIA ​​technical directive concerning the use of the flow meter in Formula 1 does not pass on the side of Ferrari.

This process of technical clarification was not designed to point a finger at a particular team (contrary to claims at the end of the Grand Prix) but the comments of the bosses of Red Bull, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, clearly targeted Ferrari without however go as far as Max Verstappen who did not hesitate to say that "cheating Ferrari" was now over.

In terms of branding, this kind of talk hurts and libel did not please Mattia Binotto.

That's why the F1 Ferrari manager went to confront Christian Horner after the arrival of the Grands Prix. And according to concordant sources, he threatened the boss of Red Bull in court.

A series of shots of the two men shows the anger of the Italian, a natural rather calm. And it was Max Verstappen's comments about cheating that eventually set fire to the powders.

Case to follow!

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