As Guillaume Véta, physical trainer for Elan Chalon explains, “for 2 or 3 years, many companies have taken an interest in the well-being of their employees. Some have even hired coaches to improve the health but also the performance of employees. We were inspired by that and we tried to create bridges between pro sport and the company ”. Antonin Monin, hopeful player and physical trainer for the U18 continues, “as many people are teleworking, they have less opportunity to move, we wanted to offer this short format of less than 2 minutes”.

In this series of videos available on the website and on social networks, it is possible to discover simple exercises to do at the office, telework when you are less well installed, or after a trip by car … daily life will be broken down but Guillaume Véta insists, “there is not really bad posture, what we have to fight is a sedentary lifestyle. The key is movement and with these videos, we give turnkey exercises, real routines to install. “Nutrition points will also be on the program for these wellness breaks, and the physical trainer says:” We are also considering addressing the issue of disability, a theme dear to our partner in these wellness breaks, Aésio Mutuelle. “

Guillaume Véta and Antonin Monin take turns doing the exercise in front of the camera, while the other describes the exercise and gives his recommendations for execution.

Every Monday, a new video, new exercises… Now it’s your turn!

Watch the video on Elan Chalon’s Youtube channel and on Facebook.