CES in Las Vegas: Samsung will show us a completely invisible keyboard (well, we understand each other) – 20 Minutes

Samsung Unveils New Kind of Virtual Keyboard – Geeko

The biggest trade fair dedicated to new technologies – CES – is about to start in Las Vegas. The CES will take place in the city of all vices from January 7 to 10. A must-attend event for technology lovers during which
Samsung should present its latest innovations, including the SelfieType.

Samsung describes its new creation of a "virtual keyboard using the front camera" of a
smartphone. This is a new type of
virtual keyboard that allows you to type text without the need for any hardware.

In practice, this results in the possibility of typing words "in a vacuum" or on a flat surface in the field of vision of the camera. The SelfieType artificial intelligence will then analyze the finger movements captured by the photo sensor in order to convert them into QWERTY keyboard input.

A futuristic concept that raises questions

The concept of Samsung is somewhat reminiscent of the futuristic keyboards that we have already seen in science fiction films. The idea leaves you dreaming, even if one wonders the interest of such technology, especially in the case of use with a PC.

Why would a user prefer a virtual and invisible keyboard rather than the hardware keyboard of his PC? Unless the SelfieType is proposed as a solution in the event of a problem with his usual keyboard.

The concept seems all the more strange since in order to be able to use the keyboard, users must know the exact position of the keys on a physical keyboard.

Samsung's official presentation at CES 2020 should answer all of our questions. During his presentation, the South Korean automaker is also expected to unveil several creations from its internal idea incubation program. Including a “smart highlighter pen that digitalizes the text printed on paper”, the Hyler, “a home care solution for the treatment of the scalp and prevention of hair loss”, the Becon, “a source of light reproducing artificially that of the sun ”, the SunnySide and an ultraviolet monitoring system, the ultra V.

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