Do you use public transport to do your shopping but it’s not always easy to get back on the train or bus with your arms full? The new service tested by the 3 fountains is made for you. In fact, the Cergy shopping center is testing a new service called “back home” until the end of the weekend, at the start of the winter sales.

This consists of offering customers who come on foot or by public transport to accompany them home in Tesla, the American brand of high-end electric cars, within a radius of 10 km around the establishment.

To be able to benefit from it, customers simply have to prove that they have made at least € 50 of purchase in the center. “This can help bring customers back to reality,” explains Umesh Kandiah, manager of parking operations and development. E-commerce made a leap with the health crisis. We tell ourselves that this can be positive for those who come by public transport. In addition, it is interesting from an ecological point of view. “

This Saturday afternoon, customers confirm “It is not always easy on public transport, blows a mother before taking a seat in the back of one of the cars, while the driver deposits in the trunk. a full shopping cart and a baby mattress. There, it’s practical and it saves time. “

“When you get older, it’s not always easy to wear your groceries”

Discussions with customers thus enabled center managers to discover that some of them used VTCs to return home after shopping. “When you get older, it’s not always easy to wear your shopping,” slips Marie-Kettly, who is brought back to Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône. I come every weekend and I don’t have a car. There I don’t need to wait for the bus. “

In concrete terms, all you need to do is go to a stand installed in the center with your invoice to reserve a car. Customers can leave immediately if a driver is available. Otherwise, they are placed on a waiting list and can walk in the shopping arcade while waiting, after leaving their shopping. “We’re going to enjoy it,” smile Maya and her mom, Zara. There is no pressure to look at the time for the bus ”.

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Tested for five days, the service could be perpetuated in the future, for example two Saturdays per month or during peak times (summer and winter sales, Christmas period, etc.). The quantified results will have to be analyzed, but the four drivers employed for the occasion have not been idle. About fifteen customers are seated in the cars every day.