Today the psychological tests Y personality tests abound on social media. There you can find the most varied, since Internet users have found in them a great alternative to combat boredom. In addition, they surprise with the incredible data they provide.

On this occasion, we bring you a new one that reveals amazing data about how the person who performs it behaves in their love relationships. Your, Do you dare to discover what it says about you? You should only be guided by your intuition: the first thing your eye observes will give you all the answers.

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Cats: If the first thing you observed was the felines, it means that you are an open-minded person. You stand out for being very independent and this, on several occasions, has brought you great headaches in love relationships since you cannot support any type of control. You don’t usually give your heart to just anyone, you analyze the pros and cons several times before making any kind of decision. You are someone authentic who is not guided by appearances.

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Dog: if your eye caught the dog in the first place, it means that you are a very in love person. You are very loyal and faithful and you believe that everyone behaves the same as you. By nature you are extremely confident and this has caused you, on several occasions, to be disappointed and your heart to break into pieces. You are convinced that each person has their soulmate in the world waiting to be found.