Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot cake

Sift together 90 gr of flour and 13 gr of baking powder.

Peel and grate 320 gr of carrot. Using an electric mixer, blanch the 2 large eggs with 130gr of sugar until the ribbon effect for 5 min then add a pinch of fleur de sel. Then incorporate 190 gr of hazelnut powder 20 gr of grapeseed oil and 100 gr of hazelnut oil, the grated carrots the 75 gr of crushed and roasted hazelnuts and the two snow whites.

Roll out the dough in a frame. Then cook for 15 min at 170 ° C.

Once cooked, let the cake cool before unmolding and detailing.

Candied carrots

Prepare a syrup with 365g of water and 365g of sugar, bring to the boil.

Finely cut slices of white, purple and yellow carrots. Place them in 3 different bowls and pour the hot syrup to cook them, which you will divide in 3.

Let cool before use

Mascarpone cream

In the bowl of a cold mixer, put the 75 g of mascarpone with the 300 g of liquid cream, the 50 g of icing sugar and the vanilla extract. Assemble everything and put in a pocket.

Carrot jelly

In a saucepan pour 400 gr of carrot juice with 100 gr of sugar bring to the boil and add 6 gr of gelatin and leave to set on a plate reserved for the fridge.


Detail your cake and your jelly on an 11cm square. Place the jelly on the cake then pocket nicely with mascarpone cream and decorate with the candied carrots before wiping.