Carnage in Lyon between an Audi RS3 and a bus –

This spectacular accident happened in a street in Lyon a few hours ago.

Definitely, it's not good to be a sporty Audi on the streets of a big French city these days. A few days ago, we brought you back these very impressive videos of a blue R8 Spyder exploded by its driver against cars parked in Nanterre, the fault of irresponsible behavior on the sidelines of the organization of a wedding.

This time, it's a black RS 3 Sedan that finds itself in a very bad position in a street in Lyon. The German compact sports car crashed heavily into a city bus, ending up with the entire right rear completely torn (the wheel ripped off like the rear door).


It is not known what could have caused this spectacular accident. But the damage to the bus (at the rear left) suggests that the car hit it from behind. Surprising when you know that the Audi is also damaged at the rear. Would its driver have lost it sliding before the impact?

Images: Clement Perrin – Facebook

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