Carcassonne. Flashed at more than 200 km / h, his BMW impounded –

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Five vehicles were immobilized for excesses exceeding 50 km / h above the limit.

Heavy assessment during this long weekend of Ascension for the Departmental Road Safety Squadron (EDSR) of the gendarmerie of Aude.

277 infringements were noted at checkpoints, including 17 speeding exceeding 40 km / h above the authorized speed.

Flashed at 201 km / h

Among the offenders, let us cite the presence of a young driver on board a BMW 3 Series and under probationary license, controlled at 171 km / h (162 km / h retained) instead of 110 km / h on the A9 at Bages height.On this same sector, a BMW 4 Series coupe was flashed at 201 km / h (190 km / h) instead of 130 km / h. This vehicle was impounded, like the 3 Series, following the application in the study of the new directives laid down by the orientation law on mobility.

The EDSR soldiers made a total of five seven-day administrative impoundments for exceeding 50 km / h or more than the authorized speed. This delay allows the justice to give follow-up to these files, for a longer immobilization, even the confiscation of the vehicle.

Alcohol, telephone, belt defect …

Also note 2 criminal alcohol tests, 1 contraventional blood alcohol level (out of a total of 304 blood alcohol tests) and 17 driving under narcotics (out of 37 screenings carried out). The gendarmes also noted 6 crossing of continuous lines, 5 non-compliance with the rules priority, 48 phones held in hand, 27 belts, and 64 other offenses.

In addition, six tickets for non-compliance with measures related to the Covid were drawn up for trips greater than 100 km around his home.

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