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Saturday night in Paris, Olivier Rousteing and Cara Delevingne set themselves up to challenge themselves, even posing naked behind a showcase of a Balmain boutique.

What went through the head of Olivier Rousteing and Cara Delevingne? The 27-year-old model posted on her Instagram account Saturday photos and videos where she seems to play the card of provocation with the famous stylist of 34 years. Kissing on the mouth then shooting naked photo behind a showcase Balmain in Paris … the two friends have obviously spent a lively evening. "I love you, Olivier Rousteing. You are an eternal gift. My best friend and a talented designer. I'm so lucky to be your crime partner, "she wrote.

According to the numerous publications of the artistic director of the house Balmain on his account Instagram, Cara and he played "Action or Truth" during the evening. After a ride on a scooter in the City of Light, the stylist chose as a pledge that they would both pose naked behind the showcase of the Balmain St Honoré store in the 1st Parisian district. Ashley Benson's girlfriend then played the game, multiplying the poses with handbags from the store.

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"We will remember that night forever. (…) I love you Cara. You are one of the best people I have ever met in my life. Thank you for the night, thank you for this trip thank you for making me feel so sure of myself, "wrote Olivier Rousteing.

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