Candlemas is February 2 and it is one of the festivals that appeals to food lovers the most. Sweet or savory? There are of course Breton pancakes, but each region has its recipe. In Burgundy, there are several.

Eggs, flour, milk … These are the basic ingredients, which we all know, for making pancakes. An easy recipe, quickly made, but which from one region to another and even from one terroir to another, is not quite the same.

In Burgundy, who does not know the crapiaux du Morvan? They are thick, sweet or savory pancakes.

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The Morvan crapiaux are traditionally cooked without any other fat than that of the bacon which melts in the pan.

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Fall for the Morvandial crapiaux!

If you choose the savory version, tradition has it with bacon. You can choose slices of smoked bacon, or strips. Yes, it’s not a light recipe, we agree, but it’s so good … and it’s not the Morvandiaux who will say the opposite!

Blogger Dany, who is no longer presented in Burgundy, has her recipe, too, perhaps lighter. It’s up to you … She offers pancakes with bacon and herbs.

Obviously, nothing prevents you from being inventive. And besides in the Morvan, the traditional recipe for crapiaux can vary from one family to another. The basic ingredients remain the same. Instead of bacon, we use sausage, for example, as here, why not?

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The crapiaux du Morvan, a sweet version, are traditionally made with apples.

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Les crapiaux du Morvan, garden side

You can choose to make them with potatoes, but this is a step away from the idea of ​​pancake batter.

If you are a sweet tooth, you will prefer the crapiaux with melting apples that are macerated in cognac. Alcohol to be consumed in moderation, as everyone knows.

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Savory or sweet crapiaud, we test the recipe in Saint-Léger sous Beuvray

Burgundy pancakes … with white wine

And since we are in Burgundy, why not try the crêpes au vin? And more precisely with white wine. It is a medieval-inspired recipe, proposed by a site that has made it its specialty. Not quite traditional this one, we grant you, but which does not lack originality, admit it!

To read the details of the recipe, it’s here: white wine pancakes. Wine replaces milk, but it is loosened in water. You have the choice of the bottle. We admit, we have not tested.

and to stay true to our reputation as a land where we not only know how to make great wines but also appreciate them, we offer you another variant of pancakes for candlelight:

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The pancake batter always uses roughly the same ingredients but the recipe varies depending on the region or region.

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Bressanne style, with gaudes flour

Finally, one last recipe. It comes to us from the side of Bresse where the tradition is to use corn flour, the famous Gaudes flour: a Burgundy pancake, to be tasted sweet or savory, according to your desires. Enjoy your meal !