The confinement and social restrictions have been dragging on for more than a year now. Deforestations, ecological disasters, the state of our poor planet is getting worse every year, even giving the feeling that it is already too late to reverse the trend and change the course of things.

The gap between rich and poor across the globe is widening. Terrorism, dictatorships, civil wars and armed conflicts are in the news every day, to such an extent that listening to or watching the news has become a sign of depression

In short, it is not really the joy that transports us at the moment … But despite everything, individually, can we be okay in a bad world? Should you blame yourself or feel guilty for being well? How not to let yourself be too influenced by the gloomy environment?

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– Marianne Chaillan, professor of philosophy, writer and columnist. Author of “In pop we trust” published by Ecuador.

1388604 in pop we trust - can we be okay in a bad world?
In pop we trust

– Gilles Vervisch, philosopher. Author of ” How to escape the boredom of Sunday afternoon? at Flammarion.

1226656 comment echapper a l ennui du dimanche apres midi - can we be okay in a bad world?
How to escape the boredom of Sunday afternoon
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