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Can the Aston Martin Cygnet become a collector Downshift - Can the Aston Martin Cygnet become a collector? - Downshift

Launched in 2011 at a crazy price, the Aston Martin Cygnet maintains a sustained rating on occasion. Worse still: it often sells for more than the price of new. What if the little English became a collector, just like a first generation DB9?

€ 38,250, excluding options. No, it’s not the price of a Nissan 370Z (it could have been) or a Leon Cupra, but that of the Aston Martin Cygnet when it was marketed in 2011. At that time, everyone hallucinated a little about this product a little “off topic” at Aston Martin, which had benefited from a partnership with Toyota to produce the auto.

A base of Toyota iQ

What is Cygnet? A rewired Toyota iQ, and simply treated with luxury sauce. For such a salty price, customers could have dreamed of a small power boost, Smart Brabus style, or daring content in terms of equipment, but it must be admitted that it was a small disappointment.

Under the hood, we therefore find an atmospheric four-cylinder 1.33 liter of 98 hp, in CVT or manual transmission. Not the panacea, therefore, since it is exactly the engine of the Toyota iQ. In fact, everything is similar to the iQ: running gear, engine, gearbox, platform, electronics …

Obviously, to justify such a price, Aston Martin could not simply stick the badge (huge, by the way) on the grille. The front has therefore been completely redesigned and the rear benefits from new lights. Inside, hard plastic and low-end fabric have given way to leather (on the dashboard, with stitching, please) and Alcantara, which can be found on the roof sky. It apparently took 100 hours of assembly by hand to set up the Cygnet's cabin …

Crazy prices!

In 2020, the prices of the Aston Martin Cygnet are equal to or higher than 35,000 € on occasion. In fact, it is not uncommon to come across ads with prices above € 50,000. At this price, you can start to find Vantage V8…

But then, why such a sum for a car which is only a rebadged Japanese characterless? It is difficult to explain the prices charged, especially by certain professionals, but it should be remembered that Aston Martin had planned to build 4000 Cygnet. In the end, only 150 copies left the production lines, which makes it a very rare object.

Does “Rare” have to rhyme with “expensive”? We leave you alone judge. Otherwise, for the most demanding, there is always the Cygnet V8…

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