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Across the Rhine, Nokia has just won a lawsuit against Mercedes, accused of having used the technologies of the telephone manufacturer without authorization. A decision that could go as far as a ban on models of the Star, even if this remains unlikely.

Since the advent of the smartphone, Nokia has become much more discreet. But in Germany, the Finn has just returned to the limelight, winning a lawsuit against one of the country's main automotive groups: Daimler. The phone manufacturer accused the owner of Mercedes of using certain patented technologies in his cars without authorization, and the Mannheim regional court has just ruled in his favor. A new scandal that falls badly, while the Star is already under heavy fines and various legal proceedings for the supposed use of software aimed at concealing the real pollution of some of its engines.

A possible but risky sales ban

For now, however, the victory of Nokia has no financial repercussions, Daimler having appealed this decision which it describes as incomprehensible. But if the battle were to harden even more, the Scandinavian firm could go as far as asking for a ban on the sale of Mercedes models across the Rhine! A hypothesis which however seems unlikely to materialize, since the telephone company would then have to provision 7 billion in the event that the injunction is ultimately dismissed on appeal.

Two other ongoing trials

The risk therefore appears too high to reach this end. But the case is still far from over. Two other lawsuits are still underway in Germany, while Daimler has, for its part, contacted the European Commission, with the support of some of its suppliers such as Continental, accusing the Finn of abusing his position. Nokia indeed requires to receive royalties for each car sold using its technology, a proposal that Mercedes considers far too ruinous. This is a reminder that the increasingly high-tech and connected nature of our cars is not without giving rise to new problems.

Can Nokia ban the sale of Mercedes models L39Automobile - Can Nokia ban the sale of Mercedes models? - L'Automobile Magazine
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