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Each Corsica has its own idea about the strikes. Some people like them fine and crisp, others plump and soft. Like many traditional dishes and sweets, there is not a single recipe for keystrokes, but each one has their own memories, images of baptism or marriage, smells in the kitchen of a mother or grandmother who made the precious donuts.

To make this recipe, you will need: 1 kg of flour, 200 g of caster sugar, 125 g of butter, 3 packets of baking powder, 3 packets of vanilla sugar, 8 eggs, 1 grated lemon, 1 small shot glass brandy, 1 small shot glass of pastis and frying oil.

An hour before you start cooking, first let the butter soften at room temperature.

Make a well in the flour, incorporate in it the yeast, the vanilla sugar, the powdered sugar, the softened butter, the eggs and the perfume: grated lemon and two small glasses of brandy and pastis. Work the dough before letting it sit for an hour.

Then flatten it well (thickness of 0.5 cm) and cut out diamonds of dough that you can cut in the center before frying them in boiling oil. Watch out because the cooking is fast. When your diamonds are golden, take them out with a skimmer, put them in paper towel and roll them in powdered sugar.

The real difficulty with this recipe? Wait for the keystrokes to cool before tasting them.

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