Fear of the future and various uncertainties, lack of contacts and social exchanges are sources of anxiety for many of us in this troubled time. What if music therapy could help us? We met Eléonore Combraque, clinical psychologist and music therapist recently installed in the town, in the Barry district.

Éléonore, can you tell us about your professional background?

I hold a university degree in music therapist and a master’s degree specializing in therapeutic mediations through art. I work as a part-time psychologist in MECS (children’s home with a social character) and I receive people in Cambes for therapeutic interviews and music therapy sessions.

Who is music therapy for and what are the different forms?

It concerns all audiences, from babies to seniors, without prerequisite. Mainly non-verbal, she uses music and sound in a therapeutic process. It can be active, receptive or psychomusical relaxation, with the objective of promoting the well-being of people. The essential issue is to open up and support expression and communication with oneself and with others.

Music therapy and art therapy allow us to reconnect with our potentialities, our inner richness, when they are affected by anxieties, addictions, family conflicts, accidents of life, illnesses, bereavements …

What is your mid-term project?

It is being able to accommodate small groups, especially adolescents, in a larger space. This would work well for psychomusical relaxation sessions.

Contacts: by phone, on 06 41 57 12 94; by email at psychoart06@gmail.com. Éléonore Combraque mainly receives Monday, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.