Bugatti W16 Speedster, to pull your hair out in style –

A small burst of speed at 400 km / h without a windshield, how about trying?

The Bugatti Chiron is currently available in three versions: the Pur Sport designed for the circuit, the “normal” Chiron with a versatile vocation and the Chiron Super Sport 300+, optimized for top speeds.

A few years ago, the Molsheim brand worked on a special version of the Veyron without a windshield, but Bugatti had never dared to go through with the project. What AlessioPower is offering today is precisely to design a speedster version of the Chiron without any windshield element.

400 km / h without glasses?

This virtual and imaginary project takes up the mechanical basis of the Chiron, namely the large quad-turbo W16 which currently develops 1,500 horsepower under the hood of the supercar. We dare not imagine the sensations that such a machine would offer at more than 400 km / h without a roof or windshield. Do not forget to have a helmet securely attached …

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